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How often should air ducts be cleaned? Do you give your air ducts much thought, or do you assume that they are in good shape and clean enough because nothing seems wrong? Many people ignore their air ducts until a significant issue arises.

But if you want good air quality in your house, you must have them cleaned regularly.

Over the years, your air ducts have collected a lot of dirt and debris. Pests such as rats, insects, and mold may also form their home in your ductwork.

The presence of pests and other problems in your ductwork means they drop their wastes such as urine, droppings, hairs, and other contaminants.

When you turn on your HVAC system, contaminants are spread around your house through the air in the ductwork.

These pollutants reduce the quality of the air in your home. This dirt from pests infesting your HVAC can also clog your machine and vents, making them ineffective and inefficient.

All the preceding makes it necessary to have your ducts cleaned regularly.

When Should I Have My Ducts Cleaned

Duct cleaning is not time-consuming and takes a couple of hours to complete. Sometimes it may take longer than some hours depending on factors such as the size of the home and the company you contract. Cleaning ducts, however, rarely takes as long as replacing them.

However, you will still need to choose a time when you are not using your HVAC to have the system cleaned.

This choice gives the cleaning company ample time to clean the system when you don’t need it.

Do note that a trustworthy cleaning company will also inspect and remedy your ducts for any problems such as leaks.

The technician will need ample time if there are slightly more problems than anticipated. The best season to clean your ducts is early fall and spring.

How Often Should I Clean My Air Ducts

Don’t assume that cleaning your ductwork is unnecessary because you have an air filter in your system. Even with a well-functioning air filter, dirt does find its way into the system over time.

If you live near an industrial area where pollution levels may be high, or near a construction site where there is a lot of dirt, dust, and debris flying around, or if you live in a windy, dusty area, you can be assured that your system will need cleaning a lot more often.

Dirt from the environment will collect in your HVAC a lot, and the air quality will be poor when you turn on the HVAC if you do not clean the unit often.

On average, your HVAC system needs cleaning every 2 to 5 years. You should clean more often if you notice any signs, such as poor quality air in your house, or you have young children or other members of your household who are very sensitive to allergens.

Even just one season is, in some places, sufficient for your system to gather enough dirt to warrant a cleaning.

If you do not live in a dusty, windy place and maintain your system well by changing the air filter twice a year, you can take longer before cleaning your system.

Other Signs That Your Ducts Need Cleaning

If you turn on your HVAC and a musky, stale smell comes from the ductwork, do not panic because the smell goes away in a short time. It is a clear indication, though, that your ducts need cleaning. You should contact your duct cleaning experts as soon as possible.

If you have just completed the construction of your home or renovated it, you should also have your ducts professionally cleaned.

Construction and renovation are messy and dusty, with debris flying all over. Cleaning may be unnecessary if you can cover your ductwork completely as you renovate your home, but this is unrealistic in most cases.