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Even though our fireplaces in North Texas tend to be used a little less often than in other parts of the world, chimney cleaning in Dallas is just as important as anywhere else.

While it’s true that chimney sweeping tends to conjure up images of Mary Poppins and fun dance numbers, the process that The Duct Kings of Dallas chimney sweep and repair goes through is far less musical and doesn’t involve nearly as much choreography.

Instead, our efforts are focused more on small indoor or even outdoor fireplaces that are predominately wood burning.

In most cases, these are used almost exclusively for cooking purposes; however, everybody likes the occasional snuggle by the fire.

Fireplaces In Texas Climate?

It’s no secret that Texas is not particularly known for its freezing cold temperatures. That doesn’t mean that it never gets cold, though.

We ourselves have cozied up by the warm flames on those chilly, cozy winter days. However, there are of course a multitude of reasons for having fireplaces, whether indoors or out.

home chimney

The key operative factor in determining whether or not these services pertain to your fireplace is whether or not you have a chimney.

It doesn’t matter how long or big it is, or how often you use your fireplace, any chimney is in need of cleaning at some point.

Soot buildup occurs in any environment where surfaces are exposed to flames, and The Duct Kings of Dallas is ready to flush the soot out of all of them.

What Is Soot? And Why Does It Build Up?

Soot is basically a chemical byproduct of burning certain fuels in certain environments. Without getting too technical, nearly flammable materials that are regularly accessible to consumers (apart from the very pure natural gas used in most stovetops) are made out of microscopic carbon structures.

When these carbon structures are burned (usually in an engine or a fireplace for energy), excess carbon is released as a byproduct into the air in the form of small black particles that we call “Soot.”

Chimneys are principally put in place to control where this soot (and its sister byproduct smoke) is funneled as the fire burns.

As such, over many years of use, some portion of the particles stick to the walls of the chimney.

Eventually, the buildup grows to such an extreme that it starts to cause some problems not only for the fireplace but for the surrounding area.

Negative Effects Of Rampant Soot Buildup

The sparing use of chimneys in Texas leads to many chimneys going decades between cleaning. If this is the case with your family house, you may be sitting on a problem you don’t even know exists.

Here are some of the warning signs to look out for to know if your chimney is in need of professional cleaning:

  • If the chimney is too clogged, smoke could begin pouring into your home causing irritated eyes, difficulty breathing, and staining of soft materials like cloth and drywall.
  • If clumps of soot start to fall from the opening in the fireplace ceiling, you know the problem has advanced to an extreme degree and is in need of immediate attention.
  • In case you’re noticing that the heat from flames seems less effective, it may not be all in your head. If your fire isn’t being properly fed air from everywhere it should, including above it, then it will burn less hot.

Don’t let your winter snuggle time or grand fireside cooking dreams be shattered by poor maintenance.

Save yourself the struggle and call us at The Duct Kings of Dallas today to make sure those chimneys shine like the day they were built!

chimney sweeping in Dallas

Should You Clean Your Chimney By Yourself?

While it may be tempting to try and clean your chimney and fireplace all by yourself, it’s important to keep a few key factors in mind, including the risk involved, the tremendous mess it can create, and even how well you could realistically do the job.

Soot Inhalation

Soot is an infamously carcinogenic material. Lung Cancer rates in regions of the world where exposure to soot is a regular occurrence are elevated considerably, this extends to other carbon byproducts such as smoke or diesel exhaust.

The last thing we want here at The Duct Kings of Dallas is for you to get sick because you didn’t know about the risk you were taking.

Rest assured that we here at have all the necessary safety protection and products to clean home chimneys without severe risk of cancer to the technicians, including state-of-the-art respiratory systems, full-body disposable suits, and high-quality safe gloves.


In addition to the cancer risks, we also have a number of specialty tools to make sure we scrub every surface.

While we can’t remove the black stains set through decades of use, we’re able to remove all the soot particles from the inside of your chimney and fireplace and eliminate any concern of smoke pouring into your house.


Another concern that you would need to worry about is the equipment necessary to make sure you don’t stain the rest of your house black by tracking soot residue everywhere.

The same techniques used to isolate mold are used to keep the fireplace separate from any easily stained, soft materials, and make sure the mess is purely confined to where it needs to be.

All of these materials are also not widely commercially available, so save yourself the headache and get the best chimney cleaning company in the business, The Duct Kings of Dallas, on the job.

We Offer Chimney Cleaning In Dallas, TX And More

As part of our fireplace solutions and chimney sweeps service we provide our customers also other services in Dallas including:

  • fireplace gas logs fire glass
  • repairs chimney caps
  • fireplace repair
  • smoke chamber replacement and repair
  • affordable chimney caps installation
  • animal removal from chimneys
  • chimney cap replacement
  • air duct cleaning
  • dryer vent cleaning
  • chimney safety hazard inspection
  • masonry chimney sweep
  • chimney repair

Who The Duct Kings Of Dallas Can Help

Fires come in all shapes and sizes, and our skills do too. You can put your confidence in the fact that The Duct Kings of Dallas is more than capable of chimney inspections, fireplace inspections, cleaning and sweeping your chimney gas logs, however big or grimy they may be.

We serve the residents of Dallas, Grand Prairie , Irving, Allen and the surrounding cities for over a decade.

Whether outdoors for cooking only, or connected to your living room, we’re ready to help.

Call The Duct Kings of Dallas today to get your property back to tip-top shape from a licensed CSIA and national chimney sweep guild Dallas chimney sweep and chimney services provider.