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It’s a little-known fact that there are many different types of ducts. These range in materials, sizes, and installation methods. For every type of ductwork there a different types of ducts needed.

Rest assured that The Duct Kings of Dallas is more than capable of handling all the different duct types and we clean all types of air ducts; however, our methods will change depending on what they are.

Different Methods for Different Types of Duct Systems

Here are some of the different types of ductwork options, as well as a general description of the unique challenges that they present.

If you ask yourself “can I clean my own air ducts” we really recommend you to avoid it and use a professional to do this, especially because there are so many types of materials that need to treat differently.

Flexible Ductwork

As the name suggests, flexible ducts are characterized by nonrigid duct materials. They usually come in a round shape and are made with a variety of soft materials supported by wires.

These are most commonly found in older buildings, where an HVAC system has been installed in an already existing structure that didn’t originally have one.

It poses unique challenges in that it can be easily punctured if the workers act improperly or irresponsibly around it.

If you have this ductwork in your house, you should only trust our duct cleaning technicians to do the job well. You can be confident that we won’t cause any unnecessary damage.

Sheet Metal Ducts

Sheet Metal Air Ducts are also similarly described by their name. They’re typically square and made of stainless galvanized steel plating.

They tend to be very durable, but are more expensive than other modern rigid ductwork system alternatives.

For this reason, they’re most commonly found in older buildings, but not so old that they didn’t have HVAC systems in mind when they were originally built.

These pose a number of unique problems. Oftentimes, they have issues with water collection and leakage, and also the HVAC ductwork tends to be more complex.

Duct Kings of Dallas is ready and waiting to take on any problems that may arise, but know with confidence that we’re able to do whatever needs to be done.

Fiberglass Lined Ducts

Fiberglass is typically installed alongside Sheet Metal Ducts. In most cases, it’s a thin layer on the inside of the ducts that serves a few purposes.

It dampens sound from airflow and keeps the temperature more stable.

These are most commonly found in commercial buildings due to these benefits; however, they are more expensive.

The most dramatic challenge that Fiberglass Lined Ducts pose is not to our crews, but to your own property.

The lining is far more prone to mold growth than other ducts in humid climates, and bits of fiberglass flaking off and spraying out of the vents can happen in dry climates. It’s very important to stay on top of maintenance.

Fiberboard Ducts

Fiberboard Ducts are the most affordable of all the options. They combine different modern materials with Fiberglass and are highly insulated without any steel support necessary. They’re most commonly found in places where affordability is key.

Types of Air Ducts

These face much the same risks and challenges as Fiberglass Lining. They’re very prone to mold and fracturing.

They also tend to be more delicate, so require an expert’s touch. Duct Kings of Dallas has the experience and the know-how to handle this with the care and precision they need.

Is There a Type Of Air Conditioner Duct That is Best To Use?

Picking a single “Best Type Air Duct” from the different types of ductwork is impossible, some of them will need air conditioning unit duct sealing services with time and some of them will be less for a longer time. Each type varies in inapplicability and has different cases where they perform better.

If you’re interested in installing an HVAC System though, Flexible Ductwork and Fiberboard Ductwork are both great options.

Duct Kings of Dallas is more than capable of answering whatever questions you may have in this area, and you shouldn’t hesitate to give us a call and talk to our helpful offices or get in touch with our experienced technicians.

Want to know more about heating and cooling air duct cleaning services call us and schedule a free air duct cleaning inspection.

Our Procedures for any type of duct

What techniques we use vary greatly depending on the situation. As such, negotiating prices without one of our technicians on the scene is impossible.

Here are some things to look out for in regards to finding out what kinds of processes will be involved.

  1. How high up the vents are
  2. If the vents use soft or hard materials
  3. If the vents are waterlogged or moldy
  4. How full of dust the vents are
  5. How old is the building is
  6. Presence of any other damage to the structure

Feel free to call the offices at The Duct Kings of Dallas and schedule an appointment to get a better idea of what to expect from our technicians today!