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What Is The Importance Of An AC Cleaning Service?

Your air conditioner is an essential part of your home during the summer. Because it is mainly vital during the summer months, you may tend to ignore it until there’s a significant problem or summer is just around the corner.

Regular air duct cleaning of your AC may help spot thorny issues early to avoid breakdowns and expensive repairs or replacements.

If your AC fails to work in the summer heat, it could be costly and leave your household members quite uncomfortable for some time.

Why Is It Important To Clean Your AC?

Here are some reasons why you need to keep your AC clean. Here are the reasons why you should ensure your AC receives proper maintenance.

A clean AC increases indoor air quality circulating clean and fresh. When your unit is dirty, it provides a suitable ground for microorganisms to breed and thrive. These are such as bacteria, germs, fungi, and mold.

These contaminants expose members of your household to respiratory infections and trigger asthma attacks.

Cleaning your AC air ducts will ensure you do not reveal your household members to harmful microorganisms.

You avoid expensive repairs and replacements. When you do not clean your AC regularly, dirt and debris gather on it.

It becomes difficult to clean, and when you want to clean the heating and cooling system, it takes more work that could potentially damage it.

You can clean your AC yourself, but it is advisable to use an expert service once in a while.

When you use expert air duct cleaning services, the technician cleaning your unit will note problems in the AC before they become major and a lot more expensive.

Such benefits make hiring air duct cleaners such as The Duct Kings Of Dallas cost-effective as you save on costly air duct repairs and replacements.

Your electricity bills remain low. An AC unit that is regularly cleaned remains in excellent condition and does not have to work too hard.

Dirty, inefficient AC units use 5-10% more energy than cleaner ones. Air duct cleaning for your AC will result in higher energy efficiency and lower energy costs in the long run.

The air conditioner remains efficient. Dirt and debris buildup on your AC duct surfaces and duct interiors causes stress, strain, and pressure that hampers its functioning.

The air filters need to be clean as dirt impedes the flow of air through them. The machine works harder and inefficiently to clean air when even individual parts such as the filters are affected by dirt.

Now after we cover what home duct cleaning does let’s see the benefits of it.

What Are The Benefits of Air Duct Cleaning Your AC?

Here are some benefits of regularly cleaning your AC unit.

It extends the life of your unit because it remains in good shape and is not damaged by dirt and debris.

The performance of your unit is improved, ensuring you live in a comfortable home. Your house is a comfortable space to live in because the ideal temperature is reached quickly due to the efficiency of your unit.

The heating system temperature is improved by about 4 degrees when your AC is clean and well maintained.

Asthmatic members of your household or those with allergies are comfortable in your home because the air duct cleaning service increases the indoor air quality.

How Often Should You Have Your Air Conditioner Cleaned?

When you hire a professional service to clean your air conditioner, you also get maintenance checks of the unit.

Your unit has three main parts, which require different duct work cleaning and maintenance schedules.

The central part of your AC is the air filter. To keep your filters in tip-top shape, experts advise cleaning or replacing them each month for the time they are in use. Whether you clean or replace them will be determined by their condition.

However, if their condition is rather good, you can choose to clean or replace them every two months.

If you go with changing or cleaning them monthly, you can form a routine of doing it on the first day of every month to ensure it gets done.

Coils are another part of your AC unit that require cleaning or maintenance. Cleaning the coils every year is recommended.

But if you live in an area where you use the air conditioning systems for much of the year, clean and check them at least twice every year.

Coils fail to absorb the heat in the air circulating in your house when dirt because the debris and dirt that collect on them serve as an insulator.

Your home may remain hot and stuffy if the coils are dirty.

Moisture collects on your unit when it is in use. The Condensate Drain removes this moisture so that your unit remains in tip-top shape.

If this part of the duct system is functioning wrong, moisture may gather on the unit, which could increase the humidity in the air.

Moisture on the AC will also increase the unit’s water damage risk. The condensate drain should also be cleaned once a year. Passing a wire down the line is enough to clean this part of the unit.

Professional AC Cleaning And Sanitation Service

Cleaning your AC unit is a service you can perform yourself. But, since you are not an HVAC cleaning service technician, you may not service your AC fully.

An expert should check out your unit at least once yearly. The technician will check for leaks, cooling system levels, duct system, electrical connections, belts, and air ducts.

This exhaustive checking is necessary to keep your unit functioning efficiently. An HVAC system technician will also provide advice.

Is Ac Duct Cleaning Important?

Ac duct cleaning removes dirt and contaminants from the ductwork. It creates a cleaner living environment for everyone.

Cleaning the Ac leads to cleaner air circulating in your living space. No dust or dirt spreads in the air, landing on furniture and other things in your house.

Your house also becomes easier to clean and keep free of dust and dirt.

Cleaning the AC unit also removes the house’s allergens, irritants, and stale odors. Everyone breathes easier.

Preparing food in the home, tobacco, mold growth, paint fumes, pets, and cleaning agents contribute to stale smells.

Accumulated dust on the AC units can, over time, also lead to stale air in the house. All this is removed by air duct cleaning services as recommended.

How can The Duct Kings Of Dallas Clean Your AC?

Using a professional AC duct cleaning company solves your problem efficiently and quickly. The Duct Kings air duct cleaning Dallas technician uses state-of-the-art technology to clean your air ducts.

He will use a unique camera to show you the perfect result of using us to clean your AC unit.

Our technician will also advise you on matters regarding your AC so that it remains in tip-top condition and functions efficiently and cost-effectively.

Our Cleaning Process Includes

  • Ductwork cleaning
  • Replacing furnace filter
  • Make sure all air ducts cleaned
  • All sheet metal parts are clean and installed right
  • Condensate drain pans are clean
  • All air duct systems are sealed

Our Services

Not like other air duct cleaning companies at The Duct Kings Of Dallas we provide a wide range of services so you can rest assured that you get everything you need for your heating and cooling system in one place.

We provide:

  • Dryer vent cleaning
  • Home air quality problems inspection
  • HVAC duct cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Solutions for mold problem
  • And more…

As part of the air duct cleaners association all of our services come with free cost estimates.

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