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Commercial air duct cleaning services will save you money on energy bills and will reduce allergies for your customers and employees.

The US energy department estimates that 25 to 40% of the energy used for HVAC is lost because of dirt, debris, and pollutants clogging up your air ducts.

You may want to have your HVAC system cleaned more often based on such statistics. We at Duct Kings of Dallas are the best in air duct cleaning for industrial properties.

When you get our cleaning services, your ducts are inspected for leaks and other problems. We retain experienced and professional technicians because we only want to provide excellent services.

Talk to us today, get a free quote, and chat with one of our experts.

Here is how our commercial cleaning services help you.

  • It saves you the cash you use on energy bills.
  • Cleaning your ducts removes all dirt from the ductwork, removing unpleasant odors lurking in the ductwork.
  • Remedies and inhibits moth growth
  • Everyone in the indoor spaces breathes easier and particularly those sensitive to allergens.
  • Indoor air quality improves
  • Extends the life of the HVAC equipment

Commercial Air Duct Cleaning Process

If you want to have the Air Ducts at your commercial building cleaned, you are worried about what that might entail.

Here we break down our commercial cleaning services process:

  1. Inspection

At this stage, we send over our commercial duct cleaning technicians to assess the state of the ductwork in your commercial property.

Our expert technicians assess the damage and dirt on your commercial ductwork so that you get an accurate free quote.

  • Planning

Our technician then prepares an outline of the work involved, including every step that will be taken when cleaning commences.

He also describes to you the methods that we will use to ensure you are in the know regarding what will happen during the vent cleaning service.

  • Covering Your Property

Cleaning your air ducts moves dust and debris a lot and can cause it to land on all manner of valuables on commercial property.

Before cleaning your air ducts, our technician will cover your copiers, filing cabinets, desks, computers, and other equipment. The coverings protect your items from damage from dirt and debris.

  • Service Openings And Access To The Ceiling

Our technicians use service openings as much as possible as they clean. But sometimes, the openings in your commercial structure are not enough, and others need to be created to clean your building’s ductwork efficiently.

Our commercial duct cleaning technicians will make all openings according to the quality standard set for the industry. He will let you know how such openings may be necessary during the planning stage.

There are situations where service openings are not enough to clean your ductwork thoroughly.

Our technicians bring down some ceiling sections to enable better ductwork access in this case.

When cleaning is complete, our commercial duct cleaning technicians return to position the part of the ceiling that had been brought down.

  • Return and Supply Diffusers

All return and supply diffusers are removed, cleaned, and returned.

  • Return and Supply Ductwork

The return and supply ductwork are cleaned by vacuuming, power brushing, or air washing. Our technicians use a portable vacuum with a HEPA – High-Efficiency Particle Air – filter. The HEPA filter is put in openings in the ductwork. It removes and vacuums contaminants and dirt.

The internal ductwork thus cleaned includes ducts, the interior, louvers, dampers, fiberglass insulation, and others. The technician cleans what he can reach so he may open several openings in the ducts simultaneously. 

· What are air washing ducts? Compressed air is blown through an opening in the ducts. The air is sent into the opening using a hose with a special nozzle.

The nozzle is used to force compressed air into the ductwork. The compressed air removes particles and dirt in the ductwork and forces them out into a vacuum collection unit at the other end of the system.

· What is power brushing? This utilizes pneumatic or rotation bristle brushes that are electrically powered.

They dislodge dirt and debris from the walls of the ductwork. The dislodged dirt is then drawn out through a vacuum device that has a HEPA filter.

  • Coils And Air Handlers

Our team also carefully cleans fan housings, shafts, turning vanes and blades, dampers, coils, louvers, drive assemblies, and other air handlers and coils.

Interior components such as housing and fan blowers are vacuumed, washed, and rinsed by hand.

Our technician also hand vacuums all coils and applies the coil cleaner to eliminate debris and dust before finally rinsing them.  

  • Progress Report

Depending on several factors, such as the size of the commercial property, it could take a few hours to a couple of months to clean the air ducts.

Our duct cleaners will supply you with a project report at every step. Our professionals will inform you at your earliest convenience if the cleaning is not going according to the initial plan.

What Type Of Commercial Buildings Do We Clean?

The commercial buildings we clean are places where business is carried out. They include the following,

  • Healthcare centers such as hospitals and clinics
  • Industrial buildings such as workshops and manufacturing facilities
  • Warehouses
  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Retail spaces
  • Office buildings
  • and many others

We are confident we can clean your commercial building to your satisfaction. We provide the best service in the Dallas area.

Even if your type of commercial property is not on the list above, you can contact us today to chat with our experts.

We serve any industry and clean any building. We customize our air conditioning system services to your needs. Find out about the Duct King difference today.

How To Choose The Right Commercial Air Duct Cleaning Company

  1. Check out reviews from past customers. Never choose a company that has no love from past customers.
  2. Do not choose the first company that looks good. Compare companies by getting at least three quotes from different HVAC companies.
  3. Check to ensure they have all the required licenses and insurance.
  4. Ensure the company you choose for HVAC cleaning has NADCA certification. Having NADCA certificates means they clean according to NADCA (national air duct cleaners association) standards, participate in continuing education, and have some cleaning specialists on staff.
  5. Choose a company that offers a free inspection to determine if your ducts need cleaning. Reputable companies offer free inspections.
  6. Please do not fall for the cheapest offer, as usual, it is a setup to upsell other rather expensive services later on.

Why Is It Important To Clean Air Ducts In A Commercial Building

Here are the benefits of getting a commercial air duct cleaning service.

  • Dirty ducts and filtration system lower the indoor air quality in the workspace and often leads to health problems and complaints from employees. Improving indoor air quality will result in less time lost by employees away from work recovering from allergies and other problems caused by breathing in polluted air. Everyone breathes easier when the ducts are clean.
  • Unpleasant odors are removed when ducts are cleaned. Dirty air ducts can result in unpleasant odors within the building work environment. Regular cleaning of air ducts freshens the air in the building and gets rid of unpleasant scents you could probably not get rid of any other way.
  • Your energy costs fall instead of rising yearly because your HVAC becomes more energy efficient after cleaning. Air flows freely and easily through clean ducts. The HVAC system is also not strained as it does not overwork to keep temperatures right. This increased efficiency is what brings down your gas or electric bills arising from air conditioning.
  • Clogged air ducts pose a fire risk. When heated air runs through dirty ducts in the cold months, it could result in a fire breakout. The air ducts need to be cleaned to remove contaminants, dirt, and debris, which is what burns.

Questions And Answers: Timing And Costs

Note: several factors affect the cost and time estimates of commercial HVAC units and air duct cleaning. These are the following.

  • The size of the air duct system
  • Its accessibility. The more accessible, the cheaper it is and the shorter the time needed to clean it.
  • Kind of ductwork
  • If the HVAC systems are regularly cleaned according to industry standards or never cleaned.
  • The number of technicians required for the job.

Our Commercial Service Areas

As the primary commercial air duct cleaning experts in North Texas, we service Dallas and the surrounding areas. Find here a list of cities we service.

If you don’t see your city listed below give us a call at 214-624-6232 and check with us if we can come to your home.