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When was the last time you had your air duct systems cleaned? We at the Duct Kings of Dallas offer unique services tailored to your specific needs.

We are the Dallas air duct cleaning company that stands out from the rest of the pack with our much-praised services. Join our growing list of happy customers today.  

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    Providing Air Duct Cleaning Services Since 2001

    We have experienced and trained technicians who provide you with services for your HVAC units that are not matched in the Dallas area.

    We remove the debris and dirt in and on your air vents system professionally. Our powerful vacuums clean out all dirt buildup in your air ducts, ensuring the air circulating in your home is fresh and safe for everyone.

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    Fast And Reliable Air Duct Cleaning Company In Dallas TX

    Improve the indoor air quality of your home or office with exceptional air duct cleaning from The Duct Kings of Dallas Fort Worth TX. Our company provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee on our workmanship. Once we’ve cleaned and repaired your air duct, not only will you be breathing cleaner air from your cooling systems, but you can also save money on your energy bills.

    We are a locally operated company, so you can depend on our team for exceptional service.

    From cleaning your air duct system and improving the efficiency of your dryer vent, to restoring your space after a fire or water damage and removing molds in your walls and ceiling, we have it all.

    The Duct Kings of Dallas are licensed, certified, and insured for your complete protection. We always strive to be the leading air duct cleaning services provider for you and your family.

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    If the air ducts in your home or office buildings in Dallas Texas are looking dirty, your HVAC system energy consumption is high and your heating and cooling unit is blowing unpleasant air you probably need your ducts cleaned, give us a call and ask for our top rated air duct cleaning service.

    We will inspect them and give you the next steps toward better duct system quality.

    Air Duct Cleaners In Dallas Fort Worth That Can Do More

    Our cleaning services in Dallas are more than just cleaning air ducts and mold growth. Our services ensure your home is clean and cozy as the air circulating in it is fresh, which reduces the incidence of air-borne diseases and fire breakouts.

    Indoor air is two to four times more contaminated than outdoor air, according to estimates from Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Our state-of-the-art equipment and trained and experienced technicians work to ensure your indoor air is as fresh as it can be.

    Services We Offer In The DFW Area

    To keep your indoor air of good quality, we offer the following services:

    • Air duct cleaning
    • Air duct installation
    • Air duct repair
    • AC cleaning
    • Dryer vents repair
    • Dryer vent cleaning
    • Dryer duct installation
    • Attic insulation
    • Chimney sweeps and chimney cleaning
    • Chimney installation
    • Carpet Cleaning
    • Mold removal and remediation
    • Water damage restoration

    Our professional services meet the industry standard and exceed your expectations. And as we provide you with only the best of services, we ensure you are fully aware of the benefits of duct cleaning, chimney sweeps, dryer vent cleaning and everything else that keeps your HVAC in good function.

    We take the time to educate you so that you are always aware of your HVAC systems.

    Increase Your Air Conditioning Air Quality With Our Duct Cleaning Technicians

    Every homeowner wants a comfortable and safe living environment. A well-maintained duct can do just that as it increases the air quality and health in your home.

    Dust and debris levels build up in the air conditioning ducts and are distributed and circulated every time the air duct system is turned on.

    There are several benefits to increased air quality for Dallas Texas homeowners.

    Better Environment

    Clean air means there are no debris or dust mites that you or your family can inhale. Each breath intake is safe.

    With our dryer vent cleaning and air duct service your home will feel clean and fresh again!

    With Duct Cleaning Your Home Will Smell Better

    Foul smells inside the home can make it an uncomfortable place to live. When your duct work is cleaned, it removes all of the debris that contributes to the smell and it blows fresh and odor-free air instead.

    With proper duct cleaning, the air gets cleaner and it helps ensure your health and your family’s. 

    Reduce Allergies Reactions

    When the air quality is high, there is less chance of irritants or allergens circulating. This is great for those who have asthma, allergies and other respiratory problems.

    Why Choose The Duct Kings Of Dallas Air Duct Cleaning Service

    Although there are several duct work companies in the North Dallas area that offer professional air duct cleaning services, The Duct Kings is the only one that takes a more innovative approach by applying high powered negative pressure to the conditioning system.

    Aside from that, there are also other great reasons as to why The Duct Kings is the best air duct cleaning company for your home project.

    Licensed And Certified Technicians

    Certified technicians. Our duct cleaning services technicians are all duly trained and board certified. We only retain professional, friendly staff for your satisfaction.

    Budget Friendly Rates

    We often run promotions to ensure everyone gets a chance to try our services. Our prices remain down while the quality of service is much praised in the Dallas area.

    Free Quotes

    You get a free quote from our air duct cleaners expert technicians by calling or visiting our offices.

    Local Family Provider

    Dallas area families trust us with their HVAC systems, and we are their local family providers.

    Advanced Technology

    We use top-of-the-range equipment to provide you with the best services in the Dallas area. Our providers are professional and efficient.   

    Clean Your Air Ducts With The Duct Kings Of Dallas

    When it comes to air duct cleaning, you have a lot of options. In fact, in Dallas Fort Worth, there are hundreds, if not thousands of air duct cleaning services available.

    What makes The Duct Kings of Dallas stand out is our services. We have qualified technicians that can thoroughly clean your air ducts and even explain terms and situations that other companies won’t.

    Dallas’s Dusty Environment

    If you live in the Dallas area, you know how dusty the sub-tropical climate can get. At your home, much of this dust swirls around in the moving air when your cooling and heating system is on.

    It also gets dirty if your air ducts has to blow air with dirt particles constantly. Over time, the dirt can pile in your air duct systems.

    Your system can turn slimy with dirt and grime, clogging its parts and hampering its function.

    To avoid having your HVAC blow dusty, dirty air around the house and prevent your HVAC from turning slimy, we recommend you clean it once every three to five years.

    This regulars cleaning removes all the dirt collected in your system, clogging parts. If you keep your HVAC system clean, it does not have to work extra hard to fulfil its function. This improved efficiency saves you unnecessary costs in your utility bills.

    Air Duct Cleaning Common Questions

    What Are The Benefits Of A Professional Air Duct Cleaning In Dallas Texas

    When your ductwork is cleaned by our experts, you don’t have to worry about a half-assed job.

    You’re assured that each corner is cleaned thoroughly, and every cleaning process is followed.

    Professional air duct cleaners have all the tools that are needed to do the job properly, and they also ensure the longevity of your ventilation system.

    How Often Should I Have My Air Ducts Cleaned?

    Your air ducts should be cleaned every three to five years, as advised by the National Air Duct Cleaners Association.

    However, remember that the timing depends on where you live, how often you use your air duct system, and whether you have family members that have asthma or other respiratory issues.

    Could You Clean Your Air Ducts Yourself?

    We would not advise you to try cleaning your air ducts yourself. Our expert technicians use power vacuums to clean your air ducts when you book our services. You may not have such a vacuum at home as it is expensive and operated by experts.

    Our technicians also provide more than a cleaning service. They inspect the ductwork and your HVAC to spot problems and correct them before you have a significant problem. Our well-trained technicians are best placed to clean your ducts.

    Is it Necessary To Clean My Air Ducts?

    Yes, it is. There are obvious benefits of having clean dust. Here are three reasons why it is necessary to clean the air ducts in your home.

    1. Clean air circulates the house, which makes everyone feel better and healthier. The air quality improves significantly when air ducts are clean compared to when they are dirty and dusty.

      If you have pets in the house, their hair may get trapped in a dirty and dusty HVAC unit. Such dirt can clog the air filter and other Ac parts making the unit ineffective and the air contaminated and prone to causing allergies and other sinus and respiratory problems.
    2. In addition to improving the quality of air flowing around the home, cleaning your HVAC system removes dirt and debris accumulated in your system over time. Dirt and dust clog pores and cause diseases for household occupants.

      The garbage and dirt also contaminate the air flowing through the system and may, in some instances, lead to odors emanating from the ducts. Air duct cleaning helps to clear the air ducts of particles clogging them and making them a source of diseases for household members.

      Contaminated air also makes breathing hard for household members and even your pets.
    3. HVAC efficiency – The system efficiency of your air conditioning is greatly affected by dirt and slime that may build up over time.

      If your HVAC system is never cleaned or checked and the air filter replaced at the recommended regular schedule, your system will become dirty and clogged and unable to fulfil its purpose.

      It will have to work extra hard to clean and condition the air, unlike when it is not clogged with dirt and dust.

      When it works extra hard to perform its duty, it may break down quickly, and is expensive to run, which leads to additional costs.

      The HVAC working extra hard because of dirt and grime significantly reduces its efficiency.

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