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In cities like Plano, the air is heavily polluted. It is full of car exhaust, factory fumes, dust, dirt, and often chemical impurities that are dangerous to the health of others.

Ventilation systems installed in apartments and offices serve to purify and supply fresh clean air to the premises.

It is especially important to keep ventilation units in good condition in industries, catering establishments, hospitals, and office buildings.

Due to air pollution, all modern buildings need to clean the ventilation system and disinfect it. It is important to take a comprehensive approach to the diagnosis and cleaning of the air ducts.

Since each system has its own sections that are more prone to contamination, they need to be cleaned more thoroughly than others.

We the “The Duct Kings” company provide the best service of air duct cleaning in Plano. So, here we will tell you more about our work in Plano TX.

The Duct Kings Duct Cleaning In Plano TX

The Duct Kings Cleaning company carries out professional cleaning of all types of air duct cleaning in Plano.

We conclude and accurately execute the air duct cleaning services in the Dallas and Plano TX region.

Our air duct cleaners professionally clean ventilation systems, air duct systems, air conditioning, and equipment from grease, dirt, dust, soot, specific industrial plaque, and any other contaminants that accumulate during operation.

We inspect the HVAC free of charge, perform work at any time of the day or night without holidays and weekends, and we accept orders for one-time cleaning and regular maintenance of ventilation under a long-term contract.

We the “The Duct Kings” company own our own fleet of special equipment and equip teams with high-performance equipment for cleaning pipes and ventilation ducts. Professional training of specialists makes it possible to solve problems of any complexity.

Our company is proud of the achieved level of service and terms of cooperation offered to the Customers. High technical equipment allowed to reduce the cost of work, as well as reduce the time of their implementation.

You can order both the departure of the emergency service and the planned cleaning of engineering communications.

Over the years since its foundation, The Duct Kings has earned a good reputation among customers.

Among our clients are private households, municipal enterprises of the housing and communal complex, industrial associations, shops, hot food outlets, and other objects.

Among our clients are enterprises of large industrial associations, as well as small private cafes, municipal enterprises of the housing and communal complex, and private households.

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Services We Offer In Plano, Texas

Dirty air ducts create problems that require professional help. Need services? The Duct Kings company offers removal of dust and grease, plaque of microbes and bacteria, and elimination of blockages in channels in Plano TX.

We have been providing professional high-quality cleaning services in Plano TX for over 25 years, occupying a leading position in Plano TX, servicing large real estate in the regions.

Disinfection Of Air Ducts

Disinfection of ventilation is carried out immediately after the cleaning process, to which a disinfectant is transferred through a hose.

The supply of funds is also regulated by a robot in which a video camera is built. Ventilation equipment is also disinfected afterward. Disinfection ends with the drying of the equipment and the entire ventilation system.

Air Duct Cleaning For Residential And Commercial Properties In Plano

In cities like Plano, the air is far from normal. Dust, microbes, and bacteria harmful to the lungs accumulate in the air ducts of apartments and houses. The only way to solve the problem is through the planned cleaning service and disinfection of ventilation.

Cleaning is carried out according to the plan on the basis of ventilation schemes. Air ducts, grilles, fan parts, filters, and ventilation systems are processed. Cell and other filters change.

Air Duct Cleaning Service For Your Heating And Cooling System

Contaminated Dust mites and dirt becomes an ideal microflora for the reproduction of pathogenic bacteria and microbes that can have a detrimental effect on the human body.

An industrial vacuum cleaner is installed at the end of the air conditioning system, supplying compressed air. This creates a vacuum inside, and all the dirt goes into the vacuum cleaner.

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How Do We Clean Air Ducts?

Cleaning and disinfection of ventilation systems are usually carried out in a complex, but these activities are not equivalent.

Ordinary cleaning does not kill viruses and bacteria dangerous to humans, for this, it is necessary to treat the equipment with a disinfectant!

Cleaning of air ducts is carried out in a complex. Depending on the tasks facing him, the client himself chooses which activities should be performed:

Checking The Technical And Sanitary Condition Of Air Ducts

During the home service examination, inspection equipment is used, and swabs are taken for analysis for analysis in the laboratory. Upon completion, the customer is issued an Act on the sanitary and epidemiological examination of ventilation.

Cleaning Of Air Ducts And Equipment

Our experts evaluate the degree of contamination and choose the most effective cleaning methods.

In the course of work outside and inside, dust, chips, soot and fatty deposits are removed from the walls of the air ducts. Exhaust and supply fans are serviced, and dirt is removed from the grilles.

Ventilation Disinfection

Air ducts are treated with antimicrobial compounds, the appropriateness of using one or another agent depends on the purpose of the building. This stage is especially important for medical institutions, catering establishments, and places where children and the elderly spend most of their time.

Registration of acts and filling out reports:

Our employees, together with your specialists, will prepare all the documents necessary for passing inspections: service contracts, a ventilation system cleaning log, results of washout analyzes, and acts of disinfection. The cost of cleaning the exhaust ventilation system of the kitchen of a cafe, restaurant, or canteen.

Why Choose Us?

From specialized work to comprehensive maintenance and daily cleaning of premises of any complexity.

We have been able to establish ourselves as a reliable partner, this is confirmed by numerous letters of recommendation from our customers.

We clean the HVAC system of many homeowners in the Dallas Fort Worth area for over a decade but we also specialized in dryer vent cleaning, AC tune-up, dryer vents installation,  mold remediation and much more.

So, see below how to choose us…

Years Of Experience In HVAC Cleaning

With over 25 years of successful activity in the service market, our company has gained extensive experience in providing services for the performance of work for various business entities.

Highly Qualified Employees

Our employees are highly qualified and have the necessary work experience. Periodic completion of training courses allows us to master and apply the latest technological developments in our activities and perform work at facilities of any complexity.

The customer service management team has specialized in higher education, as well as certificates of training for the purpose of advanced training.

Professional Work

Our cleaning services are all about creating perfect cleanliness. Cleaning an air duct is a rather complicated task that requires a high level of professionalism, knowledge of technological processes, and the availability of specialized machinery and equipment.

Modern Cleaning Equipment

The Duct Kings Of Dallas air duct cleaners have a training center where our staff undergoes specialized training on the use of modern cleaning equipment, inventory, and detergents to clean air duct systems and air vents.

Our technologists develop special technological maps and various air duct cleaning service methods, taking into account the type of room, type of surface, degree of pollution, and special requirements of the Customer.

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