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Who We Are

The Duct Kings of Dallas is the premier air duct cleaning company for a wide range of skills.

The services that our technicians offer include but are not limited to;

Air Duct Cleaning and all it entails, Mold Remediation and its related problems, Water Damage Remediation in its many forms, and Fire Damage Remediation and its associated effects, and even Chimney Sweeping (both indoor and out.)

We’re more than just a company with a wide set of skills, though. We’re a collection of individuals with our hearts set on making sure your property, whatever it is, operates at peak efficiency, and its inhabitants are as healthy as possible.

Our Place In The Dallas Community

Dallas, Texas is a city of variety. It’s a sprawling metropolis, full of people and things from all around the world.

We recognize that this is one of the things that’s most appealing about this region, and we ourselves are attached to it.

We know that not everybody has lived in Dallas their whole lives and that they may not be fully acquainted with its unique environment, climate, and people. The Duct Kings of Dallas is, though.

Our technicians and offices were born and raised here, and know how to deal with the city on every level – personal, professional, and emotional.

We’ve driven in the worst of the traffic, we’ve staved off the balmy summer months and even the freezing winter days.

We know this city like the back of our hands, and know how to work in it better than anybody else. Look no further than The Duct Kings of Dallas for the local touch to your solutions.

Our Experience

The men and women of The Duct Kings of Dallas have decades of combined experience in each of the fields we specialize in. 

We’ve worked with small businesses, homeowners, landlords, big businesses, and everybody in between.

We’ve battled mold between walls and from inside vents, and cleaned out dryer vents of all shapes and sizes.

The Duct Kings Of Dallas remediated extensive water damage from flooding, and we’ve saved homes from the brink of total rot.

We’ve helped thousands of customers from around the city, from all walks of life, from everywhere in the world.

Whatever it is that’s affecting your property today, we are more than capable of taking it in stride, assessing exactly what needs to be done, and doing just that with the utmost professionalism and competence.

Our Mission

The Duct Kings of Dallas is dead set on making sure the DFW Metroplex is firing on all cylinders. We care about the problems affecting your property.

This isn’t only because we want what’s best for you, but also because we care about the people who spend time in those buildings.

Workers, customers, residents, men, women, and children, we want to protect all of them.

This is a task we’re passionate about, and strive every day to get better at.

It’s not just a job that needs to get done – and it is a job of vital importance to the proper functioning of the city – but it’s a job we love to do.

We could never rest at night knowing that our neighbors need somebody to help and we aren’t there for them.

We are ready right now to help you get back on your feet or to stop a problem in its tracks.

If your house is flooded, if your restaurant has mold growing in the walls, if you suffered a kitchen fire, if your allergies are flaring up unexpectedly, we’re here for you.

Contact us for more information or any question!

From Our Customers in Dallas

Some feedback from our clients

Quality Service

I was really scared when I found mold in my house and I didn’t know what to do. I called The Duct Kings of Dallas and the person on the phone was super helpful. They calmed me down, answered all my questions, and in the end, I scheduled the job and it was all over in a flash. I haven’t had mold problems since! 

David – Dallas 75254

Competitive Prices

I’m a small business owner in the northern metroplex area, and can’t afford to lose customers for any reason. I got a routine air duct inspection a few months after buying the property and getting everything set up, and found out I needed to have them cleaned. Thankfully, The Duct Kings of Dallas was able to fix the issue in a professional and timely manner, and I could get everything rolling the way I needed.

Richard – Dallas 75248

Professional Service

My wife started to explain about the dryer not working, but after I bought a new dryer the problem didn’t go away. After searching on the internet I found some people saying that it might be a vent issue. I called The Duct Kings of Dallas and got it cleaned, and sure enough, that was the issue. Wish I could have known that before buying a new dryer though.

John – Dallas 75201

Friendly and Helpful

My son started breaking out in hives, but neither my husband nor I could figure out why. We went to a doctor and it turns out he’s only allergic to mold. We were of course pretty freaked out because that meant we had mold somewhere in our house. We called The Duct Kings of Dallas to come to take a look, and they were super friendly and helpful at every step of the way. They cleared out the vents, and my son’s back to full health.

Donna – Dallas 75043

Highly Recommend

I never really spent that much time in my house, but since Covid began I had to start working from home. I noticed some problems in my house that I wouldn’t have otherwise, and apparently, there had been pipes leaking for ages. I had to get everything fixed and tried, which I thought was going to be a big headache, but The Duct Kings of Dallas simplified the whole process. Super chill people, highly recommend it.

Tammy – Dallas 75098

Trusted and Professional

The Duct Kings of Dallas came and helped my Mom after her house flooded real bad once. She’s a little on the older side, so I had to help out, but they were really nice and I never felt like I had to make sure they weren’t going to take advantage of her. 

Carl – Plano 75094

Super Friendly

I called The Duct Kings of Dallas after a bunch of soot fell out of my chimney and even out of the fireplace. Made a huge mess. They came and swept it up. Super friendly, and seemed to know what they were doing.

Jody – Frisco 75035

Knowledgeable Technician

I own a franchise restaurant (I’d rather not specify which for privacy reasons) and we started to have some big problems because of years of complacency. Mold, rotting, the whole nine yards. The only company that I felt was specified enough in all the areas I needed was The Duct Kings of Dallas, and sure enough, they were perfect for the job. They fixed everything up, and my customers were none the wiser.

Bob – Dallas 75248