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Perot Museum of Nature and Science is the boldest and finest piece of architecture that ever hit Dallas, Texas. The architectural masterpiece was built with a vision of inspiring minds through nature and science.

The learning starts the very moment you enter the museum and head up an escalator with an amazing view. A t-rex is situated right at the top of the escalator, to greet the visitors.

The museum is not just about being an architectural masterpiece but is also an excellent resource for learning science and nature in fun and inspiring ways.

The museum has something in store for people of all age groups. They have about 11 halls and countless exhibits. These halls have different themes and showcase stuff that showcases these themes.

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Address: 2201 N Field St, Dallas, TX 75201

  • Children’s Museum: This museum is on the bottom floor of the Perot Museum of nature and science. This place was built for kids under 5 years of age. The Children’s Museum is a treat for toddlers, babies and preschoolers. The kids can indulge in a variety of activities like trying out costumes of their favorite animals, dinosaur hunting outdoors and also exploring the little version of the Dallas skyline.
  • Sports Hall The sports hall has every field, track and court. The sports hall also has a simulated environment – wherein the visitor can virtually Race a professional athlete. Not just this, visitors can also check out the autographs of local athletes.
  • Being Human Hall: here the visitors can explore the human anatomy. One can explore DNA, quick peek at the human brain along with the nerve endings, strike a pose and much more.
  • Engineering and Innovation Hall: The engineering and Innovation hall is another amazing hall of this museum where you can indulge in many activities like the robot arena, challenge lab, amazing airways, or make a melody.
  • Discovery Life Hall This place unveils life’s amazing secrets. Visitors can explore

their senses here, by exploring the sight, smell and textures of different Texas

ecoregions. Explore environmental Factors like how pollution and climate change

affect our environment, flora and fauna.

  • Energy Hall: The energy hall will help visitors explore different forms of energy like gas, oil, etc. This hall has other fun activities like exploring the reservoir, feeling the magnetic pull, etc.
  • Gems and Minerals Hall: Gems and mineral hall is all about the beauty of our nature. Visitors can cherish viewing a big beautiful geode with sparkling mineral crystal in its natural form. This hall also has many fun activities that will help the visitors compare the mineral and also understand the origin of minerals.
  • Dynamic Earth Hall: This hall helps visitors understand Earth’s natural phenomena like tornadoes, earthquakes, clouds, etc in a fun and informative way.
  • Life then and Now Hall: This place is mostly about Dinosaurs, rare fossils, and real dinosaur bones. You will also be able to see paleontologists researching here in this hall, studying rocks, or making new discoveries.
  • Expanding Universe Hall: This hall is a space explorer’s heaven, explore our solar system, gaze at stars, learn about our universe and satisfy your cosmic curiosity.
  • Hall of Birds: This hall will give a sneak peek of the fauna, you can study the ancient and modern-day world. Not just this you can even build your own virtual bird.

These 11 permanent exhibits are a fun, informative and interactive lifetime experience. One can also indulge in fun activities and games to understand concepts of all sorts of subjects.

This museum also has a 3d theatre, which helps users immerse in virtual environments like rainforests, turtles and their habitats and other wild environments.

Perot Museum of nature and science has a lot to offer to satisfy any visitor’s curiosity about a variety of subjects.  Everyone is sure to have a blast while visiting this museum.

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