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Dallas Symphony Association is a music venue located in the Downtown Dallas Texas Art District. This concert hall is also one of the best orchestra halls in the world.

The venue hosts live music concerts, Hollywood events, family events, orchestra performances and a lot more. It aims at inspiring and transforming lives through music.

People of all age groups have a fun musical experience here and is a must-visit, especially for musicophiles.


The orchestra has its origin back in the 1900s. A group of forty musicians gave a concert in 1900, and since then the orchestra kept growing.

Finally, in 1945, the orchestra appointed Antal Dorati as the music director. Dorati took this orchestra to a whole another level, the orchestra now became a fully professional orchestra.

The orchestra gained national attention through RCA recordings, concerts, and radio broadcasts. Today, the venue is one of the best-ranked orchestras in the world.

The musical world at DSO is not just limited to musical concerts and events. It has a lot to offer to its visitors. It has a lot of fun-filled musical activities for kids, and teens, as well.

Address: 2301 Flora St, Dallas, TX 75201

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DSO kids

Believe us! Kids will enjoy DSO just as much as any musicophile adult would. It organizes a lot of activities for the kids like

DSO Games: Dso has fun games for kids, these games help the little ones about composers and instruments.

Please make your own instrument: This fun activity helps the kids explore the unlimited possibilities of building their own musical instrument.

From Xylophones to mouthpieces, your child can make their own instruments.

DSO Teens

DSO Teen council has passionate musicophile teens. This council organizes events, and activities to boost teen interest.

Young Strings

This is another program designed to inculcate interest in music in teens. This is aimed at providing the right musical skills to the teens.

The program regularly auditions young talent and nurtures them with just the right kind of lessons, opportunities, and resources.

Dallas Summer Camp

They also organize summer camps every year for string students every year. The camp indulges teens through workshops to help groom their talents.

The program provides scholarships, and hosts competitions, open rehearsals and master classes for young talent.

Programs for Adult

Bach’s Lunch

This program is free of cost, with informal talks by local musicians. It is a great interactive way for the musicians and the audience to interact.

It is also a program where you meet new people who share similar musical interests and make new friends and that too.

Performance Preludes

This is a fun way of interacting with the Dallas audience and building a connection even before the actual concert starts.

The performance preludes by the music experts, let the visitors learn and laugh with the performers. The performers also provide an insight into the musical performance.

The best part is that they are free of cost for all the concert spectators.

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