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At The Duct Kings Of Dallas, we provide the best commercial air duct cleaning at an affordable price.

We have decades of combined experience working with house or business owners just like you, who demand the best air duct cleaning service and dryer vent cleaning for their customers in every way.

Ensuring that you have the cleanest air duct systems and HVAC units possible in any kind of commercial setting is of utmost importance.

Requiring the maximum amount of sanitation and efficiency possible for the benefit of not only your employees, but your customers as well as a desire that we here at The Duct Kings of Dallas sympathize with fully, and understand on a deep level.

Why You Should Clean Your Business Ducts And Vents

Your HVAC system pushes air toward your staff and customers 24/7. Especially during the warmer months (which Texas has lots of), your air conditioning unit is working in maximum overdrive battling heroically against the heat to keep everything nice and refreshingly cool for the occupants.

Over many years of use, small particles from the dusty air outside stick to the walls of the duct work and start to break off into space below given enough time.

cleaning air ducts of office building

This poses not only a health and safety risk but also dirties the place by spraying dust and allergens all over the place.

Additionally, the buildup of dust in your vents over time leads directly to a loss of efficiency and effectiveness.

In the same way that it takes more force to squeeze water out of a water bottle with a smaller hole at the top, your HVAC system will need to work much harder pushing air through your dusty ducts to get to your building and cool it properly.

This both wracks up energy costs in electricity and leads to an increase in breaking. More money is spent on repairs, more money is spent on power, and more HVAC cleaning air ducts cost afterward.

All in all, improper maintenance of your ducts is a far bigger money sink than getting on top of the problem as soon as it needs doing.

The easiest way to avoid these concerns is simply to make sure that your vents are always spick and span with cleaning for your commercial HVAC duct unit.

The Duct Kings of Dallas has worked with dozens of clients, and we’re well-versed in the stresses and needs that residential and commercial clients in TX as you have on a day-to-day basis.

Rest assured that our solution is not worse than your problem.

Duct cleaning service for commercial property in North Dallas and surrounding areas.

Industries We Serve

We provide duct cleaning services to a variety of industries, including:

  • Hospitals and Medical Facilities Duct Cleaning
  • Managed Care Facilities
  • Schools and Universities
  • Condo Associations
  • Building Management Companies
  • Laundromats commercial building
  • Office Buildings
  • Home Duct Cleaning
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Fitness Centers

How Our Commercial Air Duct Cleaning Services In Dallas Will Help Your Business

We will improve indoor air quality and customers will immediately be able to feel the cleansing, refreshing, dust-free air and you will notice that your energy bills will get smaller with high energy efficiency.

It may be hard to really notice the slow degradation in indoor air quality due to the very slow rate of buildup over time;

However, the immediate difference you can feel right after the cleaning of your air duct system is done is truly staggering.

This difference, even if your customers aren’t fully consciously aware of it, encourages more people to come onto your property, and leaves them with a better impression of the environment after they’ve gone.

They’ll sense how calm and refreshing it seemed compared to other buildings that don’t properly maintain their ducts and internalize it positively and on top of that your ventilation systems will look cleaner and nicer.

Additionally, less vent dust pouring out around the interior of your building makes keeping everything clean a much more doable task for your employees.

This cuts on man-hours needed to maintain the property to the high standard that you wish.

In our experience with commercial air duct cleaning services, the massive leap in experiential quality from before and after duct cleaning is no small gap, we assure you.

We know how big of a relief it can be to take that first breath of truly fresh air, and we’re ready to give you and your customers that sigh of relief with our commercial air duct cleaners in Dallas and Fort Worth Areas.

With every commercial air duct cleaning project, we do We will make sure your entire HVAC system, air handler, and blower motor will be clean from dirt and debris build up so your indoor environment will feel clean and fresh again, and all of that with great customer service.

Commercial HVAC System Cleaning  For a Healthy Work Environment

Dust causes respiratory problems. It’s a universal allergen and irritates everybody’s lungs.

Anatomically speaking, this is because the microparticles fill and physically scratch the walls of your nose, eyes, and throat, and forces your body to produce histamines to fight it.

This takes an especially hard toll on many employees you have that have already presented chronic illnesses relating to their lungs, such as asthma.

We know through experience that your workers being able to breathe properly is among the highest priorities any business owner should have, which is why we equip our workers with the most advanced and effective respiratory equipment there is.

However, if this kind of apparel doesn’t suit your business, then it’s a good idea to make sure they don’t need it in the first place.

In addition to just breathing better, dust in your air vents and ventilation system can harbor bacteria, dust, mold, and even mites.

Especially if you own a restaurant, preventing E-Coli and Salmonella from contaminating your air ducts by clinging to dust particles being thrown out of your vents and making potentially hundreds of customers sick is a pressing issue, both from a litigation perspective and a piece of mind perspective.

With every cleaning process, our technicians will provide cooling tower cleaning and damage mold remediation to clean the mold from your property and make sure it will never come back.

Rest assured that your workers will work harder, be better at what they do, and be happier while doing it if they’re able to breathe without any issues and safe from things that will make them sick with our Dallas commercial air duct cleaning services.

The best way to get this done is to get your air duct cleaned as soon as is prudent, and calling The Duct Kings of Dallas TX today to make sure everything is in shape is a good start.

Types Of Businesses We Helped With Air Duct Cleaning In Dallas TX

As national air duct cleaners, we recognize that businesses come in all shapes and sizes, and are more than willing to accommodate any scale necessary.

We’ve serviced large commercial buildings that see thousands of customers every week, and we’ve helped small businesses just like us.

However big the job that you need to be done, The Duct Kings of Dallas has the experience, the crew, the IICRC, and MTCC certification, and the equipment to get it done.

The benefits only increase as things get bigger, so save your money on electricity, repairs, and cleaning by scheduling to get your heating and air conditioning services of clean air today with The Duct Kings of Dallas (214) 624-6232.