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At the Duct Kings of Dallas, we are experts in what we do. We are the local family provider in the Dallas area.

Whether you are installing a central heating system in a ductless house or your purpose to have an air duct installation project, we are your resident experts.

You may attempt to install air ducts yourself. We would not advise you to try this out because you may not have the expertise to do it yourself. We advise you to call us today and let our experts help you.

Our team is experienced enough when it comes to installing ducts. We consider every nitty gritty detail to ensure we install your ductwork perfectly.

What we install lasts a long time. We ensure our work meets and exceeds your expectations and the industry standards.

Call us today and see The Duct Kings’ difference or read more about our services.

4 Key Steps In Ductwork Installation

At Duct Kings of Dallas, we consider four key steps in ductwork installation. Each of these steps is critical to ensure your HVAC ductwork system functions right, and the temperatures in your home remain as desired without costing you too much.

Planning The Installation

This is the stage where our team prepares for duct installation. At Duct Kings of Dallas, we endeavor to deliver excellent service.

For instance, we use the recommended and detailed Manual D calculations to ensure we get the sizing right.

The ducts must be large enough to carry the right amount of air around the home or indoor space.

Ducts that are too small do not allow adequate airflow and cause improper heating and cooling. The wrong size of air ducts also strains your unit.

We get the size right by using the right and recommended tools to calculate it.

We carefully plan the layout accurately so that your HVAC duct system is not stressed. A straining and overworking system breaks down faster, resulting in high utility bills.  

Placement Of The Ducts

Our team carefully lays out the placement of the ductwork in the planning stage. We are careful about where the ducts will be installed as it determines the efficiency of your HVAC unit.

For instance, we do not place ducts in unconditioned rooms such as crawl spaces and the attic. This is because ducts placed in such places are less efficient and lose energy a lot.

We are also careful how we install the ducts through walls and in tight spaces and corners. Improper installation can lead to tears and crumpling.

We install ducts in your house by considering the correct spacing. Our team considers every important aspect addressed during planning not ignored to ensure the ductwork performs perfectly after installation is complete.

Sealing The Ducts

Different segments of the ductwork are connected by proper sealing. Our experts ensure they seal your ducts professionally, so there is no chance of holes forming within the ductwork. When holes form, conditioned air leaks, and pollutants find a way into the ductwork.

Our team makes sure elbows and joints are well sealed. We seal connections with metal tape or mastic sealant.

Installing Returns

Our experienced team knows that your returns must be the right size and number. They install them correctly for optimal function.

Return ducts and vents draw air into the HVAC system from where it is sent to the right temperature.

The return ducts are large, have to be the correct number, and never have the option to close. Our team takes care to install them right so that your ductwork will not fail before the expected time.

If you have any questions regarding installing your HVAC system, call us today at (214) 624-6232 and talk to one of our experts.

Ductwork Installation Cost

So how much does it cost to install ductwork systems? Here is a list of installation costs:

Ductwork MaterialCost
Flexible non-metallic$50-$180
Flexible aluminum ducts$45-$350
Fiberglass duct board$130-$550
Sheet metal ducts$40-$550
Elbows, joints, and other attachments$5-$25 each
Duct fans$35+ per fan
Insulated duct wrap- 60’ roll$30 -$40
Foil sealing tape- 60’ roll$25
Vents$7-27 per vent
Installation Labor$800-$1,700
Materials and labor$1,000-$5,500

The Process Of Installing Your Air ducts

If you are those people who love to do things for themselves, this short guide below can help you know the process you need to follow installing new HVAC systems yourself.

We would not advise you to try and install the ducts yourself, though. You may require expertise that most non-experts do not have. You will also require tools that are not commonly found in homes.

Our team of experts can help you install your air ducts professionally. It is not lengthy when you let an expert do it, and it may take one or two days for our experts to install them for you. Here is the process our experts follow when they come over to install your air ducts.

Design The Duct Work System

The design stage in an installation determines the position and routes for ducts and vents. The right size of vents is also determined at this stage. The vents may be different sizes for different rooms.

This is a critical stage because getting the wrong size of vents for any one room will cause a problem for the air conditioner system. Our experts will determine the best materials for your home ductwork at this stage.

Plenum installation

Air is distributed through the trunk line by the plenum. The plenum is the core of the entire system. The plenum also distributes air from the furnace or AC to the rest of the system.

The plenum also keeps pressure right to enable quick distribution to the rest of the household. This is the second part we install.

Trunk line installation

The trunk line is the primary duct that leads to your AC or furnace. It delivers air to all the smaller ducts in the system.

It is like the central artery of the system. It is long as it runs through most of the house’s length. It is designed to reach the smaller ducts easily. Our team installs this carefully because of its crucial role.

Installation of Smaller Ducts

The smaller ducts are installed after the trunk line. Our team installs this according to the appropriate route and spacing determined in the design stage.

The smaller ducts are all attached to the main artery, the trunk line. Our experts are careful when installing these ducts to seal all joints appropriately to avoid holes that lead to leaks.

Air duct and return vent installation

The air duct and return vents act as the air supply system to the rest of the house and the HVAC system.

The correct number of air ducts and return vents is determined at the design stage and installed at this stage.

For residential property, one to three return vents are enough. The number of return vents varies according to the size of the home and a few other considerations.