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Whenever you need air duct repair services you should call us, our repair technicians have over a decade of experience in the ducts repair field.

Texas experiences hot, humid summers, with many residents staying indoors to avoid the sweltering heat.

To be comfortable while indoors, many Texans turn on their HVAC units. It could get rather uncomfortable if you turn on your cooling system only to find your indoor space remains humid and very hot for longer than usual.

Signs You Need Air Duct Repair Services

It may take your HVAC unit long to cool the air in your rooms because it has damaged ducts. You can know before the humid heat of Texas summer if your ducts need checking for repairs. Here are two signs to look out for to know when your ductwork requires repair;

  • When you do not feel the air coming from vents, you should feel the air flowing from the vents, and when you do not feel it, it could be because it is blocked or there are damaged ducts.
  • When you turn on your HVAC unit, it takes a long time for the room temperatures to be ideal. This would imply that your unit needs to work harder for one or more reasons. Usually, a technician will find missing or damaged ducts as the problem.

Typically at Duct Kings of Dallas, we provide air conditioning duct work repair services when you contract us to clean your ducts. Call us today and book a service.

Is It Important For Air Ducts To Be Repaired Or Replaced?

National Air Duct Cleaning Association (NADCA) has set indoor air quality standards. Your air ducts need to be repaired or replaced if they are damaged or missing and affect the air quality in your household or commercial building. Repairing or replacing them helps meet the indoor air quality standard set by NADCA.

Leaks or damaged ductwork affect the air quality by causing cold air to be lost before it cools the warm atmosphere in an indoor space.

This damage also results in your system working too hard to get a room to ideal temperatures, which raises energy bills.

An Air conditioning system with leaks allows contaminants to get into the air in a space. Contaminants are pollutants such as asbestos, bacteria, pollen, mites, dust, other allergens, and mold.

All the issues with your ducts can be well addressed by scheduling an inspection with our expert technicians. They will advise you if you need to repair your air ducts and provide you with a free quote.

When Do Your Air Ducts Need Repair

Below are reasons why our technicians recommend repairing air ducts.

The Duct Work In Your House Is Old

The ductwork in your house should be checked every 2-5 years on average, according to our expert technicians.

However, in practice, if the ductwork is 15 years old, it needs to be replaced. Old ductwork fails to match your unit’s new parts and mainly won’t work with a new HVAC system.

The older the ductwork, the more problems it presents regarding design and proper insulation. Design issues could be such as wrong layout and duct size.

Insulation issues include gaps, corroded metal, and crushed sections. All these issues could result in reduced comfort in your indoor space, hot and cold zones, and generally poor airflow.

Poor Duct Insulation

If the insulation on your ductwork is poorly done, it costs you a lot in several ways. When the ductwork is poorly insulated or not insulated at all, it pushes up your utility bills, and you could end up spending almost 30% more on your energy bills.

Proper insulation saves you energy by stopping leakage of conditioned air. Insulation ensures that the air flowing around the house is at the desired temperatures.

If the air flowing out of your registration does not feel at the right temperature, you have a problem with insulation which cause to air duct leak in your HVAC systems.

Poor insulation also causes problems of condensation, which can result in moth and mildew buildup.

When fungi growth is a significant problem, it is essential to check the insulation of your ductwork and find out if you need to replace or repair it.

Your air duct insulation must also be of suitable material to reduce the occurrence of air at different temperatures in your house.

Wrong Duct Size

House builders usually need to calculate a given house’s duct size and layout by performing an ACCA Manual D Calculation.

The tool considers all aspects of the air cooling and heating of the household or other indoor spaces.

A wrong calculation or not doing any at all can result in significant problems that require major air conditioner duct repair or ductwork replacement.

When the ducts are the wrong size, they cause a lot of stress to the HVAC unit, reducing its efficiency and causing other problems. These other problems include leaks in the air ducts and inflated utility bills.

Air Ducts Are Leaking

This is the case when a duct has damage such as a crack, tear, puncture, or hole originating from some source.

The causes of such leaks may be rodent damage, or the original contractor s may have improperly installed the ductwork.

Leaks cause conditioned air to be lost, which may cause hot and cold zones in the house or building.

You should ensure an expert looks at your ductwork if you notice any signs of damage. The technician should determine the proper action after inspecting the ductwork.

HVAC Filters Are Getting Dirty Faster Than Usual

It would be best if you replaced your HVAC filters every ninety days. If you find that they are getting dirtier faster than usual, it probably means that your air ducts are damaged.

You can inspect them yourself or call one of our expert technicians to check them out for you. You can examine your ducts for damage to know if they need repair from the crawl space, attic, or basement.

Repairing Any Type Of Air Ducts

We at The Duct Kings Of Dallas have the tools and experience to fix any duct problem and work with any type of duct work material.

Some of the repair projects we did include:

  • Repair of sheet metal ducts
  • Fixing low AC air flow
  • Replacing broken air vents
  • Repairing damaged fiberglass duct board
  • Checking the air filter
  • Repair of damaged Flex duct

Air Duct Repair Service

We at Duct Kings of Dallas have the experience, expertise, knowledge, and resources to repair or replace damaged ducts at your house or indoor space.

Whatever your duct problems, be it a significant overhaul, or a small leak, we are the expert go-to people for all your HVAC needs.

We have built a solid reputation in the Dallas and North Texas area. We have provided the best HVAC services in this area for some time now.

Our air duct maintenance services include duct system repair. Contact us today at 214-624-6232 for all your duct cleaning, air duct system repair, and replacement needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Repair My Ducts By Myself?

You can repair your duct systems yourself if you have a small problem, such as small air duct leaks. It may be easy and requires a few ductwork repair tools you may have handy.

If the problem with your ductwork is more significant such as insulation or the size of the ducts, you will need to call in a professional.

How Long Will It Take To Repair Air Duct?

It usually takes our team about a day, at times longer depending on the problem, to repair and replace your ducts. This is just a rough estimate.

Once our team sees your ductwork and knows what needs to be done, they can give you a more accurate time estimate.

How Much Do Air Conditioning Repairs Cost?

The costs vary depending on what needs to be done. Repairing a small leak is not as expensive as replacing an entire section of ductwork or flex duct.

Give us a call today to find out how much you could spend on repairs.

To check about our service and know what can we help you with check our services page.