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Oct 24, 2021 | HVAC and Air Ducts

Are you searching for a reliable commercial air duct cleaning company with extensive experience for your cleaning project? If so, search no further! The Duct Kings of Dallas restoration and cleaning has been offering top-notch air duct cleaning services for schools and universities in Dallas for over 25 years, with significant numbers of projects completed successfully.

Experience matters in every project, and so, when you need cleaning services for your schools, you will probably be looking for the company with the most industrial experience to trust. Our long-term experience, coupled with continuous formal training for our cleaning crew, has afforded us the tools and knowledge to effectively use the best processes, cleaning equipment, and supplies to quickly and efficiently get our job done.

The Duct Kings of Dallas’s several years of experience in the air duct cleaning industry for universities make us your perfect choice company to entrust your cleaning project.

Since our 25 years of existence in the air duct cleaning industry, we have successfully handled large numbers of cleaning projects for public and private schools, including colleges, universities, and tech schools in Dallas.

Not having air duct cleaning for your school poses many health risks to students.

Though it may not look like a big problem, it is essential to clean your school’s air ducts. Cleaning your school does not only puff out the dust inside the school, but dormitories are also at risk of irritants associated with dust and pollen.

If you fail to clean your school’s ducts in a while, they will hold so much dust that the buildings’ interior spaces themselves appear visually dusty. And if those pollens detach and get blown out through the vents, pollens stuck in the ducts will exacerbate allergies.

Due to the current global COVID-19 pandemic, your priority should be on how to contain viruses and bacteria in your schools and universities by employing air duct cleaning. It is very pertinent to place cleaning protocols very high on your priority list, specifically when it comes to your school’s indoor air quality. Because if bacterial infections or viruses begin to go around the classroom, there is the possibility of germs spreading from room to room through the duct system.

Your student can also track debris, lint, and food crumbs accumulated in the air ducts. Conversely, the HVAC system will gather and circulate the polluted air several times per day, which can grow over time in the ductwork. This accumulation causes dust and allergens to puff out into the dormitories and classrooms, with the potential to cause severe health issues.

Furthermore, not having Dallas TX commercial air duct cleaning services for your school can cause dust mite allergy in students. And when this happens, your students may experience hay fever, including running nose and sneezing, asthma reaction, etc., which poses a severe threat to their health.

Every parent would want their child’s school to have HVAC cleaning periodically to optimize the learning ability of their students-thanks to the global COVID-19 pandemic. An essential part of ensuring a clean learning environment is air duct cleaning.

air duct cleaning for schools

Why it is so important to have your school’s duct cleaned regularly

Your duct system decides the general flow and condition of the air within the premises of your school. Contaminated air can result in poor air quality, having adverse effects on your students and staff.

Notwithstanding, a thorough cleaning will expel all the dirt, dust, and bacteria present within your duct system, leading to better air quality and healthier students. Below are the reasons it is important to have a duct clean in your schools:

  • It facilitates healthy air quality for students and staff
  • Risk reduction of mold growth within ducts and utility spaces
  • It is vital because it reduces allergy symptoms.
  • It increases HVAC’s effectiveness, lowers the cost of utilities, and less possibility of needing system repairs.
  • Improving the general cleanliness in classrooms and dormitories

What are the benefits of air duct cleaning for universities?

Universities receive more daily traffic compared to any business premises or the average home. When students, campus employees, and visitors penetrate the buildings during school resumption, they all require clean air and an environment to stay healthy and active. If the school authorities failed to regularly clean the environment, it could result in dirty ducts, ultimately recirculating germs and infections, putting the student’s health at significant risk.

The general perception concerning Covid-19 has been that the virus can only be transmitted through direct touch, including via droplets and from contacting surfaces. Recent data, however, has shown that dirty ventilation systems may also be causing the transmission. The following lists are the benefits of air duct cleaning for universities:

  • Duct cleaning helps to improve indoor air quality
  • A properly cleaned duct allows everyone breathes easier
  • Periodical duct cleaning will detect any issue, including loose connections, sagging vents, or cracks in the system, which will be easier to fix if identified early
  • Duct cleaning also eliminates offensive smells and odors
  • It creates a cleaner living environment for students and campus staff
  • It decreases allergens and irritants

Are you looking for a reliable school air duct cleaning professional? Contact The Duct Kings of Dallas today!

We have a unique cleaning process that incorporates the most efficient air duct vacuum you can find in the country. We guarantee that your ducts would be cleaner than you ever thought.

The National Air Duct Cleaner Association (NADCA) certifies all of our technicians, and our service quality is next to none. With The Ducts Kings Dallas, you can always expect a free and truthful evaluation of the current condition of the ducts of your college or university.

For over 25 years, we have been delivering on our assurance of excellence and reliability, providing a safe and certified cleaning procedure with 100 percent guarantees, and offering you the peace of mind that you need.

Irrespective of how big and complex your school’s duct system is, our professional cleaning and maintenance processes will ensure that all pollutants are completely removed to ensure that your school has high-quality air for the excellent health of the students and staff.

Do you wish to know more about the value of cleaning your school or educational facility’s ducts and how we can be of professional assistance to you? Contact our team of industry experts today on any of our contact details on the website.

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