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Getting the highest possible quality air in a hospital or any other medical facility is vitally important for a variety of reasons.

Of course, doctors need a good working environment to keep in tip-top shape, but the other inhabitants of the hospitals are also affected in a number of adverse ways.

Don’t panic, though! At The Duct Kings of Dallas commercial air duct cleaning in Dallas TX, we provide our services for over a decade for hospitals and medical facilities, for any questions or concerns you can call our friendly office.

Keeping Your Patients Safe

Here are just some of the ways that improperly cleaned vents can impact your patients in negative ways.

  • Exposure to bacteria harbored in the vents
  • Mold spores escaping and contaminating surfaces
  • Exciting allergies in vulnerable patients

As a medical professional, keeping your patients as healthy as possible is of utmost importance, and the last thing you want is for your patients to be put at risk of cancer and other diseases due to factors not even remotely under your control, such as the maintenance of the air vents.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) estimates that 1.7 million nosocomial infections occur each year, with nearly 100,000 associated deaths.

If you are part of hospital administration or work in a hospital as a doctor, it’s important to get in contact with who you can and alert them of these risks.

We are duct cleaners Dallas professionals who are standing by to make sure everybody in the medical building is as healthy as possible and we are always here to explain our air duct cleaning process and how effective it is!

Hospital Waiting Rooms Can Be Dangerous

An experience millions in America can relate to, including us here at The Duct Kings of Dallas Cleaning and Restoration Company, is sitting in a waiting room waiting for your loved ones in the hospital to go through some procedure.

Oftentimes, these waiting rooms can be very uncomfortable and compounding that discomfort with poorly maintained vents borders on cruelty.

The problems that stem from clogged or neglected vents result in extremely adverse conditions for anything spending large amounts of time cooped up in a relatively small room.

  • Poor circulation leads to overheating or stuffy environments
  • Too much dust irritates the respiratory systems of people in the room
  • Mold spores harbored in the vent dust cause related health problems

Ducts In Medical Centers Easily Forgotten, But Not Safely Ignored

Air Ducts tend to be out of sight and out of mind; however, they cause a number of issues.

Especially when we’re looking out for immunocompromised individuals, things like mold and microparticles are a much bigger risk.

If you’re worried that the vents in your hospital are poorly maintained, a concern especially prudent in old buildings, then call our office and get us to come to take a look at your vents.

The Importance Of Regular Maintenance

While all this information about the effects of improperly kept air ducts may seem frightening, especially when considering how easy it is to let the problem maturely, it’s important to keep in mind that solving the problem is relatively easy.

Even in cases where the problem is advanced severely, it’s never too late.

However, it’s far easier to keep on top of the problem before it gets out of hand. Holding the administrators of the hospital accountable (if you yourself are a hospital administrator) and making sure they get regular checkups for the HVAC ducts and vents in the medical building or hospital prevents any of the aforementioned effects from springing up in the first place.

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The Right Company For The Medical Facility Job

Nobody is better equipped to handle a task of this size and importance than we. We have the necessary experience in sanitizing medical facilities to proper standards in the past.

You can rest assured that your building is in safe hands with Duct Kings of Dallas.

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