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There are many people in Dallas Texas who suffer from Asthma and seasonal allergy symptoms, including some of us here at The Duct Kings of Dallas.

If you count yourself among this group, then it’s all the more important that you involve yourself in cleaning air ducts for allergies and asthma.

How Clean HVAC Systems Helps With Allergic Reactions

As one of the best duct cleaning companies in North Texas, we at The Duct Kings of Dallas offer an array of services starting from residential to commercial duct cleaning to make sure your property is as clean as the day it was built.

We can remove any dust with our professional-grade tools and techniques hardened by decades of experience.

You can sleep well with the confidence that Duct Kings of Dallas has made your property as safe and healthy as it can be.

What Causes Asthma Flare-Ups?

Asthma is a long-term illness characterized by inflammation in the lungs. It is worsened by exposure to certain environmental elements, such as smoke, dust, and even temperature.

If you have asthma, and you’ve noticed it getting worse recently, then you should consider that your heating and cooling system ductwork cleaning may be the key to your problem.

HVAC system vents can serve as a harbor for harmful particles. If left untreated, dust and allergens in your home can spray out decrease your indoor air quality, and worsen your allergy symptoms like runny nose, red eyes and itchy throat.

If you’re spending money on medication or thinking about moving to somewhere with a better duct system, it’s a good idea to save the money, call The Duct Kings of Dallas and get your air ducts cleaned today.

What Causes Allergy Flare-Ups?

Allergies are very similar to Asthma but far more common. Seasonal pollen influxes can be a major pain if you have unclean or improperly maintained heating and cooling systems ducts.

If you’ve noticed your allergies getting especially or unexpectedly bad around spring and fall and sometimes you have trouble breathing, then you should call Duct Kings of Dallas today to get an inspection and see if we can fix the problem.

Medical Air Duct Cleaning Help for People with Allergies – Fact of Fiction

It can be easy to dismiss our claims that your conditions can be made worse by dusty vents, but it’s very true.

Hospitals around the US have to stay vigilant to keep their facilities as clean as possible, and making sure the vents are clear is an important step.

Medical experts from around the world agree that dust particles escaping through vents will do damage to already fragile lungs.

Also, consider the plethora of other issues that arise from improperly maintained indoor air quality.

Your house constantly collects dust, pet dander, dust mites, dead skin cells, airborne dust, debris, dirt, airborne spores, and other contaminants which are major allergy triggers, they can harbor dangerous species of mold or bacteria that then make you and the people on your property sick.

The last thing Duct Kings of Dallas wants is for our neighbors to suffer due to preventable uncleanliness.

Call The Duct Kings of Dallas today for professional vent cleaning services or if you have any additional questions or concerns.

Our helpful offices can get you in contact with our senior, experienced duct cleaners technicians, who can manage the air duct cleaning process explained and every other concern you may have about cleaning HVAC ducts in your home or business.

With every one of our duct cleaning services you will enjoy from:

  • Reduce allergic or asthma reactions, respiratory problems and allergy sufferers and increase the health benefits of a clean home
  • Clean the dirty air ducts, air vents and HVAC equipment in your air conditioning system.
  • Replace the air filters
  • Reduce health problems and power bills
  • Clean the duct surfaces to increase airflow
  • Remove mold spores and substantial visible mold growth from your ducts and supply vents
  • Increase HVAC system efficiency and system performance
  • Remove common allergens and mold growth from your dirty ducts to avoid asthma attacks for you and your family members.
  • Reduce pet allergies