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Have you ever asked your air duct cleaning company how they clean your air duct? If you are already one of our customers and you asked this question of our technicians, you probably heard of negative air machine. So what is negative pressure cleaning? 

Cleaning under Negative Pressure

Our strong vacuum creates negative pressure and agitates particles and other contaminants inside your ductwork to dislodge them and leave your heating system with clean air ducts.

After you dislodge the particles, you draw them out of the ducts into a vacuum receptacle in the machine. This negative pressure sucks out particles in the room as well.

 As cleaning agitation proceeds inside the ductwork, dislodged particulates are sucked out of the duct system and into the vacuum receptacle.

Working under negative pressure also prevents contamination of household indoor air during the air duct cleaning process and later.

Loose particles left in the ducts may infiltrate the living spaces after the system is restarted, which does not happen under negative pressure.

The vacuum force itself also enhances the cleaning action of the tools.

Negative Pressure Air Ducts Cleaning Vacuum Machine

Instead of forced air cleaning procedures, our technicians use negative pressure air duct cleaning. You use a vacuum to generate negative pressure in the ductwork.

This system sucks out all the dirt and contaminants such as bacteria, debris, and dust.

Do not confuse the negative pressure machine with scrubbers, as the latter does not have a vacuum.

The cleaning procedure with a negative pressure machine ensures the room the ducts are in also remains under negative pressure to prevent contaminants and pollutants from spreading around during and after cleaning.

The functions of a negative-pressure air duct cleaner are the following,

  • Control dust in the ductwork and remove dampness
  • Keep air pressure well maintained
  • Stop the pollution of the air

Steps To Take When Using Negative Air Pressure Machine

 If you choose to clean your air ducts yourself, here are the steps you need to take

  • Seal all air returns and vents – except the one you will suck air through – with something like foam material that will stop airflow.
  • Using a vacuum suction pipe, loosen all dirt and dust in the air ducts.
  • If you have more than one choice, select the specific machine that will work best for your particular ductwork.
  • Identify the central duct and attach the blower pipe to it.
  • Turn on the air compressor.
  • Start vacuuming, starting with the vent furthest from a socket.
  • Suck the air from the ductwork into the pressure machine.
  • Repeat the process for the return air.
  • Clean your floor to keep your house clean.

Popular Machines

Here we look at some popular negative air pressure duct cleaning machines.

 Air-Care TurboJet SuperMAX

This machine is small and ideal for commercial duct cleaning. This turbojet supermax comprises the state-of-the-art ESP speed control technology you do not see in other devices in its class.

It has one blower that is backward and inclined. Here are other technical features of this negative air pressure duct cleaning machine.

Size22.5” W x 31.5” D x 55.5” H
Weight151 lbs
Power required120 V, 50 or 60 Hz, 13 to 18 amps from one or two power cords
220 volt 50/60 Hz model has one power cord
Power Cord25’, 3 x 12 Ga. Extension Cords (2)
Filtration4 stages when Pellon pre-filter used
Pre-FilterPellon Moisture Barrier
1st Stage18” x 24” x 2” Disposable Pleated Filter
2nd Stage18” x 24” x 1/2” Flexible Electrostatic Air Filter
3rd Stage18” x 24” x 6” Certified Mini-Pleat HEPA Filter
Attachment12” Dia. Inlet
Operating Environment25 to 125 Deg. F (-4 to 50 Deg. C)
ConstructionRotation Molded Poly
Operating ControlsPower line condition status light (tests building wiring, correct polarity errors and safety lockout if the ground is not present)
Plug-able Panels with Multiple Speed control, Dual Ammeters, Static Pressure Gauges, & Circuit Breakers
Air Flow3500 CFM with all Filters in place
Static Pressure6.3” W.G.
Motor3 HP, Variable Speed, Inverter Rated, 3 Phase Motor, 3600 RPM
Variable Speed, Dual Voltage Motor InverterInput 120 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 15 or 20 Amp each One or Two separate household circuits.
BlowerOne – Backward Inclined
WheelsTwo – 12” Fixed Rear and Two – 4” Front Swivel Non-Marking Wheels

Hepair 6000

This machine is the perfect negative pressure HVAC system cleaner. This air duct vacuum is single-phase.

The machine traps each particle that has entered the air ducts by the negative pressure it creates in the system.

The dust, dirt particles, and other contaminants are then filtered out of the system through several methods.

It is a powerful machine with an engine power of 1250W. Here are other technical features of the machine.

Supply voltage220 V – 50/60Hz (5,6 A) | 110 V – 50/60Hz (11,2 A)
Max. flow rate6200 m3/h | 3650 cfm
Flow rate with filter F75350 m3/h | 3150 cfm
Flow rate with filter H134800 m3/h | 2825 cfm
Max Depression1300 Pa | 0,2 psi
Filtration level 1F7
Filtration level 2H13
GDegree of separation99%
Engine power1250 W
Dimensions (L x W x H)670 x 750 x 1300 mm | 26,4 x 29,5 x 51,2 inch
Weight (without filters)80 kg | 176 lb
Weight (with filters)100 kg | 220 lb


This negative air machine comes with a scrubber, unlike other popular ones. The R5000 has multi-functions, making it a popular option amongst cleaners. It has top-of-the-range technical features. Here are some of them.

Air Flow5000 CFM free air, 3400 with Filtration
Vacuum/motor5″ static lift/2-1.5 HP
Hepa Filtration1st-Polyester Collection 2nd-Merv 8 Pleated 3rd 2-99.97% HEPAs
Power Requirements2-115V/13.5 amps(2 power cords)
Fan Mode2 reverse incline
Assembled Weight190lbs
Fully Assembled47″ x 34″ x 47″
Motor & Blower Cabinet29″ x 20″ x 47″
Hepa Filter Cabinet22″ x 7″ x 26.5″
Pre Filter Cabinet18″ x 19″ x 34″

BlowBeast Negative Air Machine

This machine is very user-friendly and portable. It effectively cleans air pollutants with negative pressure thanks to its vacuum power and superior airflow.

Air Flow2700 CFM free air (2100 with filtration)
Dimensions LxWxH42″ x 23″ x 45″
Pod Dimensions LxWxH35″x18.5″x36″
Power Requirements110V/60hz or 220V/50hz
Total Weight145lbs
Pod Weight96lbs
Carrier Weight49lbs
HEPA Filtration1st stage: Polyester Collection Bag – 2nd stage: 99.97% HEPA filtration

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