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Commercial mold remediation services are vitally important for a myriad of health-related issues.

Making sure your property is in the best possible condition to receive and serve customers ensures not only the success of your business in relation to the bottom line but also the morale of your workforce and your own pride as a business owner.

Vigilance against an alarming set of substances such as mold is mandatory, and especially in this part of the world, more than called for.

The Problem Of Mold Growth In Dallas, Texas

Dallas Texas is ideally suited for mold growth. All species of mold flourish in dark, humid environments, but some are more reliant on certain materials.

Some mold spores prefer more food-rich environments, where they can get their nutrients from fruits and vegetables, whereas others feed on cardboard and wood.

Whatever the case may be for your specific business, being aware of the specific kinds of mold that threaten you are important in safeguarding against it.

Here is a list of the three most vulnerable kinds of businesses and what species of mold to look out for. Keep in mind that information about these species of mold can be found on this website.

Mold Problem In Office Buildings

Office buildings often have poorly lit closets, and are covered with carpets. If improperly maintained, or not well enough climate-controlled, Black Mold, in particular, can fester and feed on the cellulose-rich carpets.

As one of the most dangerous kinds of mold, this is a real one to look out for and be on guard against.

Rest assured that Duct Kings of Dallas is ready to deal with any threats to your office workspace, and has all the necessary equipment to isolate, neutralize, and dispose of the threat as soon as possible.

Restaurants And Mold

Restaurants with walk-in refrigerators that contain lots of vegetables and fruits are at increased risk of molds like Rhizopus Stolonifer, Penicillium, and Aspergillus. These range in toxicity, but are all known for eating vegetables.

Don’t panic! The Duct Kings of Dallas has more than enough experience to deal with these molds, and we can get your place of business back to being as clean as you need for lunch service every day!

Mold In Grocery Stores

Grocery stores get the worst of both of these worlds. Not only do they often have an abundance of cardboard and carpet, but also foodstuffs.

It’s critically important to be keeping an eye on dark corners and in storage rooms because if mold really gets a foothold, it could explode into a massive problem.

Whether your store is catching the problem before it’s too serious, or you have an extreme problem on your hands, we are ready and waiting to answer your call and get you on the path to firing on all cylinders.

Why You Should Keep Mold Out Of Your Business Premises

Nobody likes to see mold problems. The dangers surrounding it are widely known, and it elicits almost primal responses of disgust and repulsion from most people.

When seen, it’s easy to assume that the issues with cleanliness run far deeper than just the mold in their eyeshot, and they may cancel any and all business with you.

This effect manifests itself in not only any customers who see mold growing on your property, but also in your employees.

It’s understandably more than just a little unnerving to work near mold without the full protective equipment necessary, like the ones you can expect our experienced crews to be wearing when we arrive on the scene.

Making sure everybody is safe and happy is important to the success of any business, and the barest minimum effort you can put in on that front is to purge any and all mold you find when you see it.

The Duct Kings of Dallas knows the subspecies of mold that like to grow in this area, and we have cleaned the insides of dozens of businesses in the past.

We know full well that it can be embarrassing to start on the path of getting this problem fixed, but making sure you do it right is important to the health and safety of everybody involved.

Don’t settle for a second-rate mold removal company, and come to the most experienced crews in DFW at Duct Kings of Dallas.

What Problems Stem From Mold Growth Occurs In Commercial Buildings

Aside from the aforementioned natural feelings of disgust elicited from its presence, according to EPA mold poses a serious and credible threat to your business. Here are the two primary ways mold growth can hurt your bottom line.

  1. The mold poses serious and severe public health concerns for your workers. Having all of your employees turn up sick or end up in the hospital because of improper hygiene and maintenance on your property is a headache nobody wants to deal with.
    We here at The Duct Kings of Dallas know how important it is to have a happy, healthy workforce, and making sure the environment isn’t crawling with mold is one good way to ensure that.
  2. The mold poses a liability to you through litigation. If a customer winds up poisoned due to exposure to mold in your property, the last thing you want is to end up with a big lawsuit on your lap because they trace the problem back to your property. The best and easiest way to avoid this is to call The Duct Kings commercial mold remediation premier company to come and get rid of the mold as soon as possible!

What Kinds Of Businesses Can We Help?

The Duct Kings of Dallas has worked with businesses across the whole spectrum of scale.

We’ve fixed problems from large corporations that see thousands of customers daily to small family own companies just like us and we provide mold remediation in schools as well.

It can be anxiety-inducing to confront the problem and admit that you have mold growth that needs to be handled, but we assure you that getting the job done quickly and effectively is a far better option than letting it get worse.

Call us now and get our staff to help you with your first steps to reclaiming your business from the clutches of the moldy menace!