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If you own a laundromat, then you likely deal with more than one load of laundry every few days.

In domestic environments, even that small amount is enough to cause problems with lint buildup in the dryer vents.

Commercial dryer vents go through significantly more usage time and making sure they’re working at peak efficiency is all the more significant. Dryer vent duct cleaning is paramount.

You Need Commercial Dryer Vent Cleaning – Know The Signs!

There are a number of indicators that something might be going wrong. These range in severity, from fires to bills.

To give you a better idea of what kinds of things you need to be looking out for, here’s just a small list of preliminary warning signs.

If you’ve noticed any of these in your business, it’s time to give The Duct Kings of Dallas a call

  • Significant humidity
  • Greater electricity costs
  • Complaints of damp clothes
  • Customers drying the same batch multiple times

Know The Benefits Of A Clean Commercial Dryer Vent

There are many benefits you stand to gain from staying on top of maintenance. They can generally be simplified into three separate groups, though.

Here’s a rough outline for you to get a handle on what you should expect to get from getting your dryer vents cleaned.

Fewer Expenses

As outlined above, an increase in Electricity Bills is one of the primary indicators of a problem.

However, you shouldn’t be so quick to pin the problem on your clothes dryers. An excess of lint in the dryer ducts also causes the electricity bill to go up.

In your dryer vent ducts, hot air escapes as the moisture are baked from the clothes. If this tube gets smaller, then the machine has to work harder to remove the moisture.

Think of it like drinking water out of a straw. The smaller the straw is, the harder you have to suck. If you’re sucking harder, then that means you’re using more energy.

In much the same way, your dryer is expending more energy pushing air through the vent.

This not only expends more electricity directly but also increases the strain put on the mechanical elements of the machine.

If you want to avoid more money spent on repairs, vent maintenance is also of critical importance.

Happier Customers

We here at The Duct Kings of Dallas know how bad the Texas summers can be. The last thing we, or anybody, want is to walk from the oppressive, muggy heat into another hot, humid room.

That just may be the case if your commercial dryer vents are clogged, though.

If the humid air has nowhere to escape due to the obstructed dryer vents, then it’ll just begin to fill the room.

This results in hot, humid air permeating the room, and making your customers miserable.

If you want to keep customers happy and get them to come back to your business, allowing them to sit in a comfortable climate-controlled room is an important first step.

No Fire Hazards At Your Business

The most severe risk posed by improper maintenance is that of the fire hazard that excessive lint buildup poses.

A large mass of tiny atomized dust particles in a hot, concentrated area is a recipe for disaster.

Nobody wants to find out that their business has burned down, especially if it involves harm coming to any customers or employees.

We here at The Duct Kings of Dallas share your fear, and we want what’s best for our neighbors.

Don’t let a tender box sit on your property any longer. Making sure that you keep yourself on top of everything in your business, not just clean dryers, should be an utmost priority, and it’s one that we sympathize with and are ready and willing to help you with.

Get Your Commercial Dryer Vents Cleaned Today!

The Duct Kings of Dallas offers the premiere dryer vent cleaning services, and we’re ideally suited to handling the necessary maintenance for your commercial dryer vents.

We have all the necessary experience in cleaning dryer vents in domestic, and commercial environments, not to mention air duct cleaning.

Additionally, North Texas has a number of unique environmental factors that come into play.

We’re a locally grown company, and you shouldn’t rely on anybody else to take care of your business other than us.

How To Get In Contact

Our Dryer Vent Cleaning office is available right now to answer any questions they’re able to in regard to cleaning commercial dryers.

Keep in mind that anything specific to your situation requires one of our technicians with years of experience to come out and take a look.

If you’re interested to find out specifically what kinds of equipment and processes are needed to get your commercial property firing on all cylinders again, call The Duct Kings of Dallas today.

We’re ready to do what needs to be done to get our neighbors free of fire damage and unnecessary costs.