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Water damage is largely a factor of water coalescing and staying stagnant in areas that are perceptible to its corrosive qualities.

There are a number of causes of water damage, in part due to all the different reasons water has to gather in any given location.

After being made aware of the common problem spots, you can begin to take action now that prevent future leaking or even flooding.

Additionally, you can spot any and all problems just as they arise, and put the kibosh on them before they spiral dramatically out of your control.

The more quickly you can spot the issue and give us a call, the less work The Duct Kings of Dallas will need to do to get your property back into tip-top shape!

Here are some of the common causes of water damage in Dallas, Texas:

  • Flooding and Storms
  • Air Conditioning or Heating Malfunction
  • Poorly Made or Maintained Appliances
  • Extreme pooling in vulnerable areas, such as anything underground or even your attic
  • Problems stemming from the plumbing
  • Leaking or breaking Pipes.

Damage From Leaking Pipe Problems

Leaky Pipes are the principal cause of water damage in the United States. Every year, thousands of people call their local water damage remediation company to investigate what they think is just a small problem, only to find out that the pipe had been leaking for months.

It’s good to get on top of the situation sooner rather than later, and a good way of doing that is to know the causes of leaky pipes – namely – pressure.

Overpressurization can occur in a variety of instances. If you have hard water, minerals deposit over time and build up in the pipes causing major problems.

If there’s any place that sediment can leak in, this can also cause high pressure through the same mechanism.

If any of these problems could or already affect you, call The Duct Kings of Dallas to give your property a look and find out if any water damage needs stopping in its early stages, before half your wall needs to get rebuilt because of the severe rotting.

Leaking pipe can also lead to water damage foundation problems so don’t wait until it’s too late and too expensive to fix, call us today!

Baleful Basement Bothers

Basements are very rare in the DFW Metroplex, but they are still at the same risk of water damage as anywhere else in the United States.

During any rainy weather, water seeps into the ground, and through the walls, if they’re poorly insulated.

If the water affects any important support beams, it can begin to eat away at them. This, of course, poses a serious structural threat to the rest of your above-ground property.

It’s important to stop it dead in its tracks, so call The Duct Kings of Dallas today.

Caustic Crawlspace Conundrums

Many homes, especially older ones, are built on stilts and have a crawl space beneath them. This is quintessential water damage territory, and proper maintenance of these spaces is absolutely essential.

Moisture dripping from the interior of the house above (from the bathroom or kitchen or anything else) can seep through the floor and fester below.

Additionally, rain can gather and not fully drain into the ground. This is especially relevant if there’s been a lot of rain recently.

If left unchecked, the pooled water causes damage to the stilts keeping your house standing. This is all without even mentioning the colonies of mold that will wreak havoc in such an ideal environment for their proliferation.

The best way to keep your crawl space healthy is to call Duct Kings of Dallas and make sure your property is maintained the way it deserves.

Appalling Appliance Apprehensions

Appliances that use water, such as Coffee Pots or Industrial Dishwashers, can leak water if poorly made or improperly maintained.

These leaks sit and stagnate in parts of your property if left untreated, causing a serious problem for any building materials not meant for this kind of long-term exposure.

For the safety of your drywall and structural support beams, and to prevent mold growth, making sure your appliances work properly is important.

If you already have water damage, then we are the Dallas tx water damage restoration company that you need to get everything ship shape.

Perilous Plumbing Predicaments

Aside from just leakage, more severe problems springing from plumbing can strike when you least expect it.

For instance, a toilet backing up could explode your pipes, and leave large volumes of water spilled between your walls.

In this case, cleaning the problem up as quickly as possible is of critical importance, and you can count on us to do just that.

Harrowing HVAC Hassles

The HVAC system is a prime danger zone for water buildup. Especially during our hot, humid summers, a cool air duct necessarily causes condensation on the outer surface.

Much like an ice-cold bottle of water outside during sweltering midday, small droplets gather and then fall onto the surrounding surfaces.

These small pools of water may seem like a small problem, but they’re prime territory for dozens of associated problems.

The stagnant water can rot the organic material used to make most homes and businesses, it can serve as nutrients for any creatures (such as ants) trying to make the area their home, and it could jumpstart a serious expansion of mold.

Destructive Disaster Dilemmas

The most obvious example of water damage, and the one that needs the least introduction, is of course flood or storm damage.

If you’re the victim of a serious flooding incident, chances are that you already know, and have already come to the right place in terms of recovery.

What’s sometimes less hard to determine is whether or not a storm has done damage that you simply can’t see and identify on your property. A couple of things to keep an eye on, though.

  1. If it’s been many years or even decades since you’ve got your roof repaired, it’s possible (or even likely with this climate) that your roof has a few leaks or other weak spots that water can be escaping into. It’s a good idea to get this checked out.
  2. If you spot any strange discolorations or dark spots on your ceiling, walls, or floor, after a storm, this is also a pretty good warning sign that something might be going wrong.

    It’s best to give your local, expertly trained technicians at Duct Kings of Dallas to come to check out any damage that might have occurred, and fix the problem.

Whether you have a serious flood situation or potential rain damage, fear not! Duct Kings of Dallas are trained to deal with these exact situations.

Our fine-tuned water damage process is capable of handling even the most severe cases of flood damage, and anybody in need of water repair after a flood in Dallas, Texas needs to look no further.

The list above can happen in residential and commercial properties, if it happens to you in your commercial building don’t forget to call us right away and get one of our commercial water damage clean up technicians to come to your property and serve you with the right knowledge, tools, and service.