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The process of HVAC cleaning is a multifaceted one, and different companies put their own spin on it.

Here at The Duct Kings Of Dallas, we favor the most rigorous and comprehensive duct cleaning services methods to produce the best results for all of your needs, while also keeping it affordable and simple.

We know that a lot of home improvement projects can be done by homeowners but it’s best to get a duct cleaning service from a NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaners Association) professional like us to know that the job is done right.

Duct Work Cleaning Process Steps

Here’s a general overview of the steps involved in ductwork system cleaning services by the air duct cleaners association NADCA.

  1. Our technician will enter the living space and inspect the entire HVAC system and your home’s indoor air quality
  2. We open any vents and take pictures of them for documentation
  3. Then, we’ll explain to you the condition of your vents and the preliminary plan for the vent cleaning.
  4. Next, we’ll come and set up the working environment for your HVAC system components
  5. After everything is prepared, we’ll do the cleaning itself
  6. Finally, after the work is done, our team will comb over the area and make sure they didn’t miss anything
  7. During the inspection, our technicians will also take more pictures for comparison and documentation
  8. And at the end of the process, we’ll go over the pictures, and explain what we did to increase your indoor air quality and prevent health problems.

The Process Of Air Conditioning System Cleaning Explained, In Detail

If you’re more curious about any of the steps laid out above, we’ll go into more detail here.

Keep in mind that the best way to get all of your pointed questions answered is simply to call our offices and ask our knowledgeable, friendly staff since we have different processes for residential properties and commercial properties.

The Truth About Duct Cleaning

Our Dallas area experienced home improvement technicians will do a comprehensive lookover of the property.

They’ll check for any mold colonies, substantial mold growth, mildew buildup, debris, or any other signs your air ducts need cleaning.

Their years of experience will aid them in recognizing common problem areas, and quickly assessing what kinds of treatments will be most effective and where.

Photography of Dirty and Clogged Affected Area

During the inspection process, our technicians will take photographs of opened vents.

These are for later comparisons with the completed process, and also to help our technicians directly show you the situation on the ground.

What To Know About Air Duct Systems Cleaning Process

After the inspection and photography stage, our technicians will meet with you and discuss a variety of topics.

They’ll make sure you understand the situation, and the steps needed to get your air ducts cleaned. After agreeing on a set of actions, we can move on to the next steps.

How To Prepare For Heating And Air Conditioning Cleaning Process

Before the cleaning itself can begin, we need to prepare the environment by covering furniture if necessary, laying down plastic on the carpet, and other things like that. This is for a few major reasons.

  • Prevents any undue property damage
  • Makes the cleanup process much easier
  • Allows our workers with more freedom

What Is a Negative Pressure Duct Cleaning Service

The actual process of cleaning the air ducts, heating and cooling system itself is very complex and is highly dependent on what factors are affecting your property.

If the visible growth of mold is present in the ducts, that will affect what kinds of treatments will be used.

This applies to not only mold, but also what kinds of debris are present, what other complications may arise while on the job, and so forth.

In every duct cleaning project, we will use our strong negative pressure technology vacuum which will suck every dust and debris, animal dander and everything that sticks with time to your ducts, supply side ducts, air handler, supply registers and the rest of the HVAC system components.

we will use a special brush that will remove and release the dirt from the inside of the HVAC ducts and this way our high powered vacuum will suck it right away.

Checking If The Home Air Ducts Are Clean

After the heating and cooling coils cleaning, whatever that may entail, our duct cleaning professional will give everything a second look.

We’ll make sure that we didn’t miss anything, that nothing was damaged, and that our standards have been met across all the cleaned areas.

After Cleaning Photography

While doing the reinspection, our technicians will take more pictures. This is for much the same reason as to why we take pictures before the cleaning and follows much the same procedure.

Wrapping Up

Finally, in the end, our duct cleaning company technicians will walk you through everything that’s happened.

They’ll make use of both the before and after photos, and let you see how big the improvement is after our duct cleaning contractors will be done.

If you have any complaints or questions about our air duct cleaning services at that time, they’ll be addressed.