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Replacing HVAC air ducts for homes or businesses can be a complicated task, especially if you don’t know where to start. Allow us to explain more about the considerations that go into HVAC air duct replacement to make sure that you can make an educated choice about how to replace your HVAC system’s air ducts with the best type and method that fits your home.

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The Types of Air Ducts We Service

At The Duct Kings Of Dallas, we service the most typical types of air ducts for HVAC (heating, air flow, as well as air conditioning) systems.

Below are some of one of the most common types we can help with:

  1. Sheet Steel Ducts: These are made from galvanized steel or lightweight aluminum sheets as well as being one of the most typical sorts of ducts made use of in HVAC systems. They are durable and also can be custom-made to fit any type of space.
  2. Flexible Ducts: These are made from a mix of plastic and cable and also are optimal for rooms where stiff ducts can not be mounted. They are easy to install, but they are not as sturdy as sheet steel ducts.
  3. Fiberglass Ducts: These are made from fiberglass-reinforced plastic and are lightweight and easy to set up. They are more economical than sheet metal ducts but are not as sturdy.
  4. Duct Board: These are made from fiberglass or foam board and are optimal for shielding ducts. They are lightweight, simple to set up, as well as supply good insulation, but they are not as sturdy as sheet steel ducts.
  5. Spiral Ducts: These are made from a solitary sheet of metal that is developed into a spiral form. They are very easy to set up as well as are frequently made use of in commercial and also commercial HVAC systems.
  6. Fabric Ducts: These are made from lightweight fabric products and are generally used in business or industrial applications. They are adaptable and can be easily adjusted to fit any kind of space and they are not as long-lasting as metal ducts.

Our Ductwork Replacement Services

Whether you need a full ductwork replacement or just a partial replacement, our team can handle the job. We will work with you to ensure that the new ductwork system meets your specific needs and budget.

Our ductwork replacement services include:

  1. Inspection and Assessment: Our technicians will inspect your current ductwork system to identify any issues or damage that may require replacement.
  2. Custom Design: We will work with you to design a custom ductwork system that meets your specific needs and budget.
  3. Duct Installation: Our team will install your new ductwork system with precision and care to ensure optimal performance.
  4. Testing and Balancing: We will test and balance your new ductwork system to ensure that it is functioning properly and efficiently.
  5. Cleanup: We will clean up any debris or materials from the installation process and leave your home or business as clean as we found it.
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At The Duct Kings Of Dallas, we are committed to providing homeowners with the highest quality maintenance and ductwork replacement services. Contact us today to schedule a consultation or call us at 214-624-6232 and learn more about how we can help improve the performance and efficiency of your AC system.

Signs Your Home Needs New Duct System

When it comes to replacement ductwork, it’s important to know when to replace your air ducts and when a repair is much more possible. Here are some signs that might suggest you require an HVAC duct replacement:

  1. High Energy Bills: If your energy bills are suddenly more than typical, your HVAC system may not be operating successfully. Maybe because of trouble in the air ducts, such as leaks or clogs.
  2. Poor Air Quality: If you are experiencing inadequate air quality due to dust, dirt, and also other allergens, it might indicate trouble with your air ducts. This could indicate that they need to be replaced or fixed.
  3. Noisy Ducts: If you hear uncommon sounds originating from your HVAC system, such as rattling or grinding sounds, it can indicate a problem with the air ducts. It is essential to have them inspected and potentially changed to make sure ideal efficiency.
  4. Visible Damage: If you can noticeably see damage such as fractures, holes, or rust in the air ducts, it could suggest that they need to be replaced.
  5. Unequal Heating or Cooling: If some areas of your home or service are warmer or cooler than others, maybe as a result of leaks or damaged airborne ducts.
  6. Dusty or Dirty Air: If you see too much dust or dust originating from your air vents, it could be an indicator of leaks or damage to airborne ducts.
  7. Mold Development: If you discover mold development around your air ducts or inside your HVAC system, it could be because of moisture build-up in the air ducts.
  8. Bad Odors: If there is a musty or unpleasant smell originating from your air vents, it may be a sign of mold or microorganic growth in the ducts.
  9. Old Age: If your air ducts are more than 10 to 15 years old, it’s a great concept to have them evaluated and also possibly changed to ensure they are functioning correctly and efficiently.

Duct Replacement Costs

On average, the cost of ductwork replacement can range from $1,500 to $5,000 or more. 

Since every HVAC ductwork installation is different, we give you the average cost to replace air ducts. Some of the things that can be added to the ductwork costs are:

  • Crawl space costs
  • Duct material costs
  • Duct sealing
  • Feet of ductwork
  • Duct inspections
  • Type of the air conditioner
  • Ductwork material
  • Labor costs
  • Number of ductwork installers needed

Residential Duct Replacement Cost

Square FeetLinear Feet Of Duct WorkPrice
1000 – 2500150$1500 – $3000
2500 – 3500250$2,500 – $4,500
3500+350$3,500 – $7,000

Commercial Ductwork Replacement Costs

Square FeetLinear Foot Of Duct WorkPrice
2,500 – 3,500300$7,500 – $12,500
3,500 – 4,500400$10,000 – $16,500
4,500 – 5,500500$12,500 – $21,500

If you are in need of HVAC air duct replacement services, contact The Duct Kings Of Dallas experts team today for a free consultation and estimate. We will work with you to find the best solution for your HVAC system, so you can enjoy better performance and improved efficiency.

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